February 24, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #20: Joe Arnold

35 min read

From days of setting up internet in his dorm and almost being kicked out of college for it, Joe Arnold’s tech roots are strong, and his passion is contagious. In the latest OpenStack Podcast, join the founder and CEO of SwiftStack as he discusses: OpenStack Swift: What is it? How the Enterprise Storage market is changing […]

February 19, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #19 Yuriy Brodskiy

34 min read

Symantec’s Director of Cloud Platform Engineering, Yuriy Brodskiy, was a really interesting interview–not only because he was a very early adopter of OpenStack in his PayPal days, but also because he now works for one of the pioneers in software security. He gave us some surprising insights into how his company views open source in general and OpenStack […]

February 18, 2015


OpenStack Summit Vancouver: Cast Your Votes Today!

3 min read

The OpenStack Summit is happening from May 18-22nd in Vancouver, with sessions submitted and chosen for the community, by the community! What interests you when it comes to OpenStack? Do you need a deep dive in a particular project? Are you wondering if the economics make sense? Are you trying to figure out how to […]

February 11, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #18: Jessica Murillo

31 min read

She’s an inventor, she’s a mom, she’s a VP at IBM…Jessica Murillo does it all. She’s not only a role model for women in technology, she’s a role model for anyone in technology. With dozens of patents, years of experience, and a strong vision of the tech trends that will impact business over the next several […]

February 5, 2015


Announcing OpenSOC .1

4 min read

OpenSOC, an open source security analytics framework, helps organizations make big data part of their technical security strategy by providing a platform for the application of anomaly detection and incident forensics to the data loss problem. By integrating numerous elements of the Hadoop ecosystem such as Storm, Kafka, and Elasticsearch, OpenSOC provides a scalable platform […]

February 5, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #17: Shamail Tahir

40 min read

You might think we’d cancel the OpenStack Podcast on the rare occasions when both Jeff and I have the flu at the same time. But you’d be wrong. This week, we interviewed EMC Cloud Architect Shamail Tahir (remotely). Or at least we think we did. The transcript of the interview suggests that we were in fact present, but […]

January 29, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #16: Interview with Pere Monclus

39 min read

At Cisco we’re passionate about networking, and we have a ton of respect for those who are pushing the boundaries in this realm—even when they don’t work for our company. Case in point: Co-founder and CTO of PLUMgrid, Pere Monclus. He’s actually a former Cisco employee, and his depth of knowledge when it comes to […]

January 14, 2015


Rob Hirschfeld on OpenStack Core: Your baby is ugly, and so is everyone else’s.

41 min read

Rob’s not talking about real babies of course—he’s talking about OpenStack Core and how shiny new projects that need nurturing and care—like babies do—are not good candidates for it—no matter how beautiful and chock-full of potential they may to be their doting supporters in the community. Core is a place for mature, stable projects that […]

December 11, 2014


OpenStack Podcast #12: Interview with Redapt CTO Mark Williams

1 min read

Mark Williams was in the middle of the action when Zynga initially started cranking out megahit games and the company’s IT organization had to find the resources to cope with exponential growth. Hear the experience he and his team had as they moved to Amazon, scaled on Amazon, then moved many of their workloads back […]