OpenStack Podcast

June 11, 2015


OSpod #32: Carol Barrett

108 min read

Last week our featured guest was Carol Barrett, who not only works in data center planning at Intel, but is also a leader in the OpenStack Community. She’s deeply involved in the Product Working Group, the Enterprise Working Group, and the Women of OpenStack, which means she’s got a lot of insider knowledge about what is […]

June 3, 2015


Interview with Piston’s Christopher MacGown

37 min read

With the big news today, it seems like a good time to repost this, from the Metacloud blog: Piston Cloud co-founder and CTO Christopher MacGown has been involved with OpenStack since the very beginning. He was at Rackspace when they switched from Ruby to Python, he helped blueprint the original project, he pitched the idea […]

May 7, 2015


OSPod #30: Edgar Magana of Workday

39 min read

If there was an award for “The Nicest Guy in OpenStack” my vote would be coin toss between Edgar Magana from Workday and Tim Bell of CERN. Actually, Sean Lynch, Metacloud Co-founder is right up there, too, but since he’s technically my boss’s boss, he’s inelgible for my vote. But I digress…. Edgar’s story begins […]

May 7, 2015


OSPod #29: Jay Pipes

38 min read

Jay may or may not have 99 problems, but passion isn’t one! Jay, like previous guests John Dickinson and Monty Taylor also started with OpenStack in the early days at Rackspace. We learned a lot about the “Big Tent” initiative in this podcast, and how OpenStack is working to balance inclusivity and innovation. (They aren’t […]

April 10, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #27: Monty Taylor

46 min read

Few have been involved in OpenStack as long as Monty Taylor, who’s OpenStack path began at Rackspace and continues today at HP where he is a Distinguished Technologist. Watch or download this OSPod episode to hear Monty’s thoughts about: His love for Duke and his background in theater Nebula shutting their doors, and what it […]

March 28, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #25: Ryan Floyd

35 min read

I hate it when I have to miss a podcast. And I don’t miss many. But this week I was in New York for customer meetings so I had to miss OpenStack Podcast #25, featuring Ryan Floyd of Storm Ventures! Such a shame. It was a good interview too. For those of you who don’t […]

March 19, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #24: Stu Miniman

42 min read

You might recognize Stu Miniman as the host of theCube. Others know him as a Senior Analyst at Wikibon. But the tables turned in the 24th episode of OSPod! In this episode, get the inside skinny on: Stu’s roots in tech, including sales, engineering, product management, and strategy OpenStack reality versus hype per the latest Wikibon […]

March 17, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #23: Ruchi Bhargava

33 min read

Intel does not even have an OpenStack distribution. So why are they so involved in the project, and what are they doing to accelerate its adoption? Ruchi Bhargava is Director of Datacenter and Cloud Software Engineering at Intel’s Open Source Technology Center, and she was our twenty-third guest on the OpenStack Podcast. During our interview […]

March 9, 2015


OpenStack Podcast #22: Sirish Raghuram

39 min read

This week the OpenStack Podcast’s guest rockstar was Sirish Raghuram. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Platform9 (, and he’s also a former long-term VMware employee. From that unique vantage point, he was able to contribute terrific insights about why enterprises haven’t fully embraced the cloud yet and why VMware Integrated OpenStack is probably a net […]