Caitlin and her dad when Caitlin was a kidNot often do you really think about your future as a kid attending ‘Bring Your Child to Work Day’ with your parents. But, for me, it’s where I first learned about Cisco. I have the fondest memories coming to the Cisco headquarters in San Jose, California with my dad, meeting his co-workers, and learning about how Cisco helps the world through technology. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to be like my dad and work at Cisco.

Now 15 years later, here I am! I’m a Project Specialist on the Insights & Innovation team!

My dad has worked at Cisco, first as an Account Manager and now as a Senior Partner Executive, for more than twenty years. Getting to experience Cisco from a young age, watching my father’s work ethic and never-ending grit, and living abroad as an expat in England (after he accepted a role working out of the London office) all influenced who I am, my future, and my professional career.

As a kid, each morning, my dad would drive me to school before he’d go to work – and, every morning, I would beg him to take me with him instead of attending class (Save for ‘Bring Your Kid to Work Day’ my begging never won out). As we explored the beauty and history London had to offer – often riding bikes at Windsor Great Park, watching cricket games from my father’s shoulders, or waving at the Royal Family from afar – it was clear to me what a unique opportunity this was.

Show and Tell was also a highlight for me – as I got to introduce my dad to the class, and he would tell us all about what he did at Cisco as a Regional Sales Manager and how he would help manage Cisco’s European customers and a variety of accounts.

Caitlin and her dad both in Cisco shirts

Growing up in England was an extraordinary experience that opened my eyes to different cultures and a passion for travelling that I still hold today. None of this would have been possible without Cisco! Fast forward, and I was majoring in Communications with a minor in Technology Management. I knew I was destined to work at my dream company. Shortly after graduation, I landed an interview at Cisco and after much preparation and multiple rounds of interviews, I felt confident that this role would be a perfect fit. Once the interview process concluded, the recruiter called me with the celebratory news. I just landed my dream job!

Of course, my dad was the first person I told! He was incredibly ecstatic for me and told me that working for Cisco will provide me with a vast amount of knowledge and growth. He was the first to officially welcome me to the Cisco family!

I’m so happy to have been given the privilege to be a Project Specialist at Cisco. My experience so far has been nothing short of extraordinary! I have met people from all different parts of the world and have had great mentorship from my manager and colleagues. The best part is that I have the ultimate mentor in my dad!

I’m so grateful to now follow in his footsteps at Cisco. It truly is the best place to work, and I wouldn’t be here without my dad’s support.

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Caitlin Khorey

Project Specialist

Customer Experience (CX) Platforms