After two consecutive internships at Cisco in both Engineering and Sales, my mind was made up – I was ready to join Cisco for the long haul!  

It was with a lot of excitement that I re-joined Cisco as a full-time Software Engineer in Operations – immediately, I was re-energized at the work in front of me and the incredible technology that I was going to get to work with!  

The Cisco One Ops family adds such a great value to Cisco and our partners and customers with smarter end-to-end digital acceleration and intelligent data utilization to drive better business decisions and outcomes.

Jay Chow in a conference room for an all hands meeting with a group of his peers.

What led to my decision to come back to Cisco? Here’s my Top 3 reasons:

1. Access to Leadership and Mentorship: During my internships, I was grateful to have gained exposure across different organizations and stayed in touch with Cisco employees across many different business functions and countries. Meeting senior executive leaders in person and engaging with both business and engineering mentors has always been an inspiring and heartwarming experience, as well, and I loved having these opportunities. It was important for me to see this firsthand – at Cisco everyone wants to help you grow.

2. The People and Work: I simply love working at Cisco! Currently, as a software engineer in Cisco eCommerce Engineering under the Customer & Partner Transformation Team, I wake up every morning feeling excited to modernize Cisco’s platform and infrastructure for our channel partners. We’re helping to create estimates, generate quotations and place orders for all Cisco’s products, software subscriptions and services. I am extremely proud, inspired and motivated to be part of the Cisco One Ops family as we are a united organization that supports Cisco critically in big ways! With the Internet’s constant changes, it’s hard work that is fast paced and ever changing – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. The Technology! It is my goal to leave every user of Cisco’s platform and Commerce Workspace feeling happy with using all our business processes. I want them to be satisfied with our APIs and UIs so that we can enable everyone to be highly successful.

Also, in terms of software automation, I am working on an API and data analytics dashboard to remove technical friction for our partners. It’ll help to provide a centralized location for their testing and enable greater data insights internally so that we can focus on priorities.  

What are some of the interesting technologies and tools that I have my hands on? Currently they include Java, Python, JavaScript, REST, Maven, Git, STS4, SoapUI, Postman, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, SQL, Snowflake, Docker and Rally! We have migrated and will continue to migrate some environments to the cloud for greater scalability, better resource allocation and reduced costs. Coding, programming, learning, re-learning and problem solving are all in a day’s work at Cisco! 

Jay's desk at work with 2 external monitors and his laptop in the middle.

For me the decision to come back to Cisco full-time after my internships was easy, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life – all because of the great leadership, great work, and – of course – amazing technology! Not to mention we have an incredible customer-centric culture, user-focused mentality, business maturity, and great teams around the globe.

Constantly innovating, Cisco is also heavily invested in both software and hardware. Can you name another company that has deep and wide expertise in both areas to this scale? Cisco is truly leading the way, and I hope you’ll be inspired to join us during our history-making transition from a systems-based business to a subscription-based business.  

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Jay Chow

High Touch Operations Manager

Web, Customer Experience