Jay Chow

Business Analyst, Ex-Software Engineer II

Cisco Operations

Jay Chow rejoined Cisco on 6th January 2020 as a full-time software engineer II within Cisco’s Commerce Engineering team in San Jose, California. As part of One Operations, IT, he was involved with the modernization of Cisco's web-based B2B eCommerce APIs from SOAP to REST/GraphQL for partners to consume, accounting for $31B USD in 2019. He coded a scalable, backend data aggregator in Java that feeds real-time and historical commerce data to Cisco's B2B API Dashboard, a self-service portal, for partners and leaders at Cisco. Jay dealt with project management and executes software delivery for API Docs and Trust Commerce with co-workers across USA, Canada and India.

From the month of March 2021, Jay undertook a new role as a business analyst within Reimagine SaaS, Business Processes, Systems and Data in San Jose, California. Now, he is involved with auto renewal for subscriptions, payments, payment failures, billing, invoices, competitive analysis and product management specifically for Cisco's SaaS products such as Webex, Crosswork Cloud and Umbrella in the commerce space. With Zuora's backend billing system, he helped to enable a new direct Webex motion by building a digital storefront (https://purchase.webex.com/) for end users and small businesses to directly purchase Webex software licenses in the US, UK, Canada, India and Japan with a current ARR of $8M USD. With his team, he is now enabling Cisco Crosswork Cloud and Umbrella to also be directly and seamlessly purchased online as SaaS subscriptions.

A contributor of CAAN and a member of Early Career Network San Jose, One Ops Reverse Mentoring, One Ops GEM, One Ops Talent Connection, Jay has always been deeply curios to understand all aspects of the business and how different parts of the business are leveraged and integrated with one another to innovate and accelerate Cisco forward in a hyper-competitive business environment. He is a subject matter expert for Cisco CyberOps Professional Certification and and a member of Cisco CyberOps Exam Advisory Group. Jay regularly attends Cisco's earnings calls to Wall Street and frequently exposes himself in real-world practical business case studies within Cisco to constantly improve his business acumen.

Jay's software mantra is simplicity for end-users, customers and partners. He appreciates the trade-offs in any engineering decision for the business. Prior to joining full-time at Cisco, he completed 2 consecutive summer internships at Cisco in both Engineering and Sales in 2019 and 2018 respectively. During the invaluable internships, he was exposed to Cisco's business strategy, operations, products and services, executive leadership, mentors, customers, partners and engineering processes to accelerate Cisco's shift from a traditional revenue, systems-based business to a recurring revenue, subscription business. In 2018, Jay graduated with a BS in Financial Mathematics and a BS in Computer Science at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, specializing in computer security. There, he also completed business coursework in Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting and Finance at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and represented the University of Michigan in Water Polo, winning multiple tournaments such as the Big Ten Conference across the United States. Then in 2019, he pursued a MS in Cybersecurity, Computer Science Engineering at Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute. From 2011 to 2013, he served mandatory military service in Singapore.

Enjoying the multi-paralleled journey of learning, re-learning, traveling, working out, water polo, golfing and teaching, he holds the values of integrity, discipline, humility, unity, kindness and empathy.

Github: https://github.com/jaychowjingjie