Jay Chow

High Touch Operations Manager

SP-Web Organization, Customer Experience

Jay Chow rejoined Cisco on 6th January 2020 as a full-time software engineer II within Cisco’s eCommerce Engineering team in San Jose, California. After that, he was promoted to a business analyst in the market access team where he conducted market access assessments and identified critical gaps that exist in meeting local regulatory, compliance and certification requirements and the business risks that affect Cisco's incremental revenues for Japan, South Korea and Australia. After that, he was needed to scale the cloud marketplace business at Cisco, in which his team enabled $258M USD in revenue impact for FY2022 across AWS/Azure/GCP marketplaces, targeting around $1B USD revenue impact by FY2025. In this role, Jay helped to design, build and test Cisco's first customized, dev/prod, ready to go-live, secure, resilient with data backup/replication, available in terms of disaster recovery, end-to-end SaaS offer enablement project with a team of software engineers in Azure Marketplace - a technical integration system of customer landing pages, webhooks, a common seller portal, backend, APIs, AWS services to enable transactable, paid SaaS offers/plans (Duo, Umbrella) for customers to purchase as SaaS subscriptions in Azure marketplace. In terms of business operations and strategy, he played a supportive role to enable software revenue growth for Cisco through CMPP & CPPO 2.0 buying programs with T1 partners for end customers, focusing on private (custom pricing for specific customers), partner-only and SaaS-only offers. He is certified in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, certified in Cisco Security and Data Protection and verified in Cisco Financial Acumen.

As of August 2023, he is currently taking on a bigger role as a High Touch Operations Manager in the SP-Web Organization, Customer Experience, to support the important Microsoft customer account. A contributor of CAAN and a member of Early Career Network San Jose, One Ops Reverse Mentoring, Proximity, One Ops GEM, One Ops Talent Connection, Jay has always been curious to understand all aspects of the business and how different parts of the business are leveraged and integrated with one another to innovate and accelerate Cisco forward in a competitive business environment. He is a subject matter expert for Cisco CyberOps Professional Certification and and a member of Cisco CyberOps Exam Advisory Group. Jay regularly attends Cisco's earnings calls to Wall Street and frequently exposes himself in real-world practical business situations to improve his business acumen.

Prior to joining full-time at Cisco, he served in the Singapore military for 2 years from 2011 to 2013, holding a leadership position and led a team of 3 military personnel. In addition, he undertook 2 consecutive summer internships at Cisco in both Engineering, Sales. Growing up, he had early practical exposure to the electronic manufacturing, power supply and robotics business industries. In 2018, Jay graduated with a BS in Financial Mathematics and a BS in Computer Science at the University of Michigan College of Engineering, specializing in computer security. There, he also completed business coursework in Financial & Managerial Accounting and Finance at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business and represented the University of Michigan in Water Polo, winning multiple tournaments across the United States. Then in 2019, he pursued a MS in Cybersecurity, Computer Science Engineering at Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute.

He enjoys learning, water polo, golf, traveling to different countries and firmly holds the values of grit, integrity, discipline, humility, teamwork, empathy and accountability. He commits to process-driven execution to deliver quality results, strong outcomes and bigger business impact.

Github: https://github.com/jaychowjingjie


May 12, 2020


Beginning My Career as a Cisco Software Engineer in Operations

2 min read

Jay shares his Top 3 reasons for returning to Cisco after two internships to become a software engineer.