What happens when writer’s block hits and you struggle for days on finding the perfect words to tell Toby’s story?  Well, eventually, you just hand over the computer to your 3 year old Boston Terrier…and let him tell the story himself. 😉 So, everyone, heeeere’s Toby!

Hi, fellow Cisconians! You might wonder what a Boston Terrier’s favorite thing in the whole wide world is, and why it’s allowed him the unique opportunity to write a blog post for Life at Cisco – for me, it’s an easy answer! I love going to work at Cisco with my mom!  She’s been working there for 16 years now, and while she used to work remotely most of the time – recently, Cisco allowed pups to visit the office on certain days during a pilot program and so mom thought it’d be fun if we went in together so I could help her (and our other co-workers) tackle the day in front of us. I love being her Cisco sidekick!

When I’m at the office, there’s a lot of hard work involved – someone has got to do the innovating and collaborating (luckily I just get to help with this from the sidelines!) But I also love to make some new friends, and the Cisco offices are always jam packed with smiling faces and lots of love. Danita gave me a stuffed pound puppy with a squeaker in it. Mike the Security Guy comes by every time I’m there and scratches my ears real good.  Mildrenea sits by my mommy and is so nice, she lets me kiss her all the time.  The Cisco Family is definitely one I’m proud to be a part of!

I feel so important when I get to go to work with my momma.  She spends a lot of time on the phone talking to her customers and solving their problems, while I listen and take naps.  I have a blanket, toys, snacks and water right there in a safe place under momma’s desk – really everything a good little Cisco pup needs!

When she is on WebEx calls with her team, mommy puts us both on camera so everyone can see me and they all get really happy that I’m there!  One of her team friends even sent me a Cisco t-shirt that I wear sometimes when I get chilly in the office. Not too many pups can say that they’ve been pampered in such awesome ways!

This is a far cry from where I was at almost two years ago when my momma rescued me from the Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee – they had saved me from a puppy mill when I was just a year old.  That first year of my life was pretty tough, I stayed in a crate and didn’t know how to play or interact with other doggies. But those days are long gone now that I have new pawrents that really love me, and Cisco enables my mom to not only focus on her work in changing the world, but taking me along for the journey.

Why do I love where my mom works? It’s easy! Cisco considers this little Boston Terrier part of the family. Join us!



Julie Wasmus

Partner Operations Manager

CPS - Public Sector – Supporting Federal Partners