May 23, 2023


Myth-busting the Path To Success

4 min read

The path to success is riddled with misconceptions and myths. Here are three myths I have encountered in my career and some lessons I learned along the way.

April 19, 2023


#SeeItToBeIt: Inclusivity is an ongoing journey

3 min read

I find myself looking not towards the past, but towards the future and how important equality, inclusivity, and equity are in the context of—The future of tech. The future of leadership. The future of emerging talent.

March 8, 2023


Women’s resilience: what’s it made of?

5 min read

The Harvard Business Review called 2022 “The year of resilience.” I want to talk about what resilience really means and what it really takes in the glorious and messy realities of our daily lives as women in the tech world.