nexus IS

September 30, 2013


Partner Voices: Why Agile Tools and Processes Are Critical to IT Operations

4 min read

Guest blogger Colin McNamara, Nexus IS Director of Cloud Practice and Chief Cloud Architect, shares tips on how to transition to software development based engineering.

September 4, 2013


#EngineersUnplugged S3|Ep11: A Look Behind DevOps

1 min read

What happens when the camera stops rolling? Often the conversation doesn’t stop, and sometimes we don’t either. Welcome to a special After Hours edition of Engineers Unplugged, where we do a deeper dive into the earlier conversation with Colin McNamara (@colinmcnamara) and Jay Cuthrell (@qthrul) around DevOps, the evolving way of working, and the pros/cons […]

July 10, 2013


#EngineersUnplugged S3|Ep3: FCOE, Fact or Fiction (Part 1)

1 min read

Welcome to another episode of Engineers Unplugged! This week features Cisco’s Andrew Levin (@AndLevin) discussing the use cases for FCOE with Nexus IS’s Paul Sferratore (@MadItalianATL). This is a detailed and nuanced debate of the pros and cons based on a variety of scenarios from large-scale to smaller deployments. Listen in and let us know […]