natural disaster

August 1, 2014


#CiscoPublicSafety – Giving Power Back to the People with IoE

1 min read

If you haven’t read Cisco’s Tae Yoo’s recent post on the Huffington Post ImpactX site, you should. It’s a great look at the power of the Internet of Everything (IoE) to help mankind. Yes, humankind. It’s a powerful statement, but I think it’s true. With the example of disaster and relief efforts, the post highlights […]

Making Connections When Mother Nature Hits

1 min read

When natural disasters strike, our first instincts are to phone or text loved ones; check news and social media sites; and go online to lend support. These connections become our lifelines. In the process, mobile devices become paramount in connecting people to people and people to data. That’s why the Internet of Everything (IoE) is […]