August 24, 2023


CloudFabrix helps organizations observe their vSphere environments with cloud native applications on Cisco Observability …

2 min read

If you utilize VMware vSphere enterprise workload platform for your business-critical applications, take a look at the CloudFabrix module that helps you observe vSphere through Cisco Observability Platform for a more centralized, consolidated view.

April 26, 2018


Evolving the Standalone Virtual Edge with the Nexus 1000VE

2 min read

Cisco completes early field trials of the Nexus 1000VE. Independent of vSphere 3rd party APIs, this virtual switch extends the operational runway for customers using Nexus 1000V with VMware vSphere.

August 19, 2014


Announcing Cisco UCS Performance Manager: Performance monitoring and capacity planning for UCS integrated infrastructure …

2 min read

Now get data center assurance for UCS integrated infrastructures and tie application performance to physical and virtual infrastructure performance. You can achieve deep granular visibility into UCS components to optimize resources and deliver better service levels to customers without having to resort to multiple tools and “swivel-chair” management.     If you are going to […]

December 4, 2013


#EngineersUnplugged S4|Ep6: Closing the Management Gap!

1 min read

Welcome back to Engineers Unplugged. In this week’s episode, we geek out with Cisco’s Roger Barlow and VMware’s Bhumik Patel (@bhumikp). The topic–how to close the management gap, featuring UCS and vSphere. They cover a variety of use cases and offer practical how-to: **The next shoot is last week of January at Cisco Live in […]