Sunder Parameswaran

VP of Products

Cisco AppDynamics

Sunder Parameswaran is VP of Products at Cisco AppDynamics and has over 20 years of product strategy and engineering experience in the IT industry. Sunder leads product for the Cisco FSO (Full Stack Observability) platform and Cloud native observability products. Responsible for the strategic direction of product roadmaps, Sunder and his teams help customers accelerate their digital experience journey to connect business outcomes and user experience with underlying application and infrastructure performance. Outside of work, you can find him on hikes around Bay area, California or scratching his history buff itch.


September 26, 2023


Kanari helps organizations with capacity planning using Cisco Observability Platform insights

2 min read

The right capacity planning tools can help forecast cloud consumption and streamline application operations. Kanari Capacity Planner and Forecaster on Cisco FSO platform is here to help.

September 19, 2023


Evolutio FinTech module on Cisco FSO Platform gives visibility to financial transactions

2 min read

Reducing credit card authorization failures equals happier customers and more business revenue. Evolutio Fintech on Cisco FSO Platform can help you spot points of failure.

August 24, 2023


CloudFabrix helps organizations observe their vSphere environments with cloud native applications on Cisco Observability …

2 min read

If you utilize VMware vSphere enterprise workload platform for your business-critical applications, take a look at the CloudFabrix module that helps you observe vSphere through Cisco Observability Platform for a more centralized, consolidated view.