It’s a busy month for cybersecurity, with the return of in-person RSAC in San Francisco, followed by Cisco Live in very lively Las Vegas! With so much happening, and so many announcements from every security vendor out there, it can be hard to keep track of everything going on. Let us help give you the highlights from a Cisco SecureX perspective!

We have been busy this past year, with our acquisition of Kenna Security and our recent innovations around device insights – all helping to expand and strengthen SecureX and our extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities.

Device Insights

Let’s start with device insights. We know that correlation of incidents and alerts is a vital capability for every good XDR offering, but what about correlating and aggregating information about the devices themselves? With the growing number of devices in many customer environments there is also a growing number of products with information about those devices. This can cause duplicate records and multiple alerts from the same device – which means more potentially false positive incidents to investigate, and more headaches trying to manually correlate and connect device information. With device insights organizations can discover, normalize, and consolidate information about all the devices in your environment – so you can avoid duplicate alerts, and discover devices that may be sneaking through gaps in your security. Device insights gives you a comprehensive view into each device’s security posture and management status.

Kenna Integration

Now, a more insightful view of all the devices across your infrastructure is a must-have, but so is the ability to view and manage vulnerabilities across these endpoints. With Cisco’s acquisition of Kenna Security last year, and our on-going integration of Kenna offerings into the Cisco Secure portfolio, we’re continuing to fortify SecureX and our XDR capabilities with industry leading risk-based vulnerability management. Kenna vulnerability management has already started integrations with Cisco Secure Endpoint, providing vulnerability scores on the OS version, as well as any available fixes. On the SecureX side, Kenna integrations are being leveraged to automatically enrich threat detections with vulnerability information, and automatically create ticketing workflows for Kenna.VM customers using ServiceNow.

With these integrations, and more innovations planned for the near future, risk-based vulnerability management will become a cornerstone for all endpoint and XDR deployments.

Check out our recent blog posts for more information about device insights and Kenna and SecureX orchestration!

Visit us at RSAC at booth 6045 for Cisco Secure, and booth 6362 for Kenna, and at Cisco Live in the World of Solutions to learn more.


Manasa Agaram

Product Marketing Manager

Security Business Group (SBG) - Threat, Detection and Response