Co-authored by Todd Nightingale, SVP & General Manager, Cisco Meraki

Simplicity isn’t just efficient, it is smart.

In our industry, technological innovation and complexity often go hand in hand. We think innovation does not need to be complicated. In fact, at Cisco Meraki, we are zealous believers in the idea that less can oftentimes be much, much more. Simpler is better.

That belief does not just apply to our technology. It extends beyond that, to how we get Meraki products into your hands and simplify IT throughout the technology life cycle. It has never been so easy. Acquire your new equipment and services quickly (and on your terms) with Cisco Capital. Hit the ground running with Cisco Meraki by implementing and managing your equipment through a single platform. When your equipment reaches the end of its life cycle, replace it and upgrade to the latest Meraki technology with Cisco Easy Pay.

Here is how it all breaks down into a simpler solution from start to finish:

Acquire the technology you want when you need it

Getting your hands on the right technology can be a time-consuming, expensive process. We make things easier for you with Cisco Capital’s flexible payment options.

With these flexible payment options, we can bundle Meraki solutions into subscription-based packages and flexible consumption models tailored to each customer’s specific needs. This ensures that customers purchase the best possible technology solution with a tailored financial package.

For example, through flexible financing solutions, Cisco Capital bridges the gap between technology requirements and budget availability. This helps remove cash flow issues, allowing the company to spread the cost of the purchase over multiple years. Additionally, this can also help match the repayment terms and costs to the benefits over time, or even turn capital expenditures into operating expenditures with strategic operating leases. Similarly, Meraki helps reduce operational costs without adding complexity.

Manage it all on one platform

For example, we’ve simplified security with our family of cloud managed security cameras. With centralized cloud management, cutting-edge encryption, new architecture that conserves bandwidth, and a simple bundled deployment package, our security cameras bring the Meraki magic to the enterprise video security world. We think that functionality users can’t turn-on might as well not exist. Every IT dollar spent on complexity that can’t be leveraged is wasted.

We designed our Meraki MV as a simple, secure solution to converge enterprise video security into an impossibly simple deployment, configuration, and management solution. MV provides reliable security and helpful insights for organizations of any scale. You can read more about it right here, but in a nutshell the MV demonstrates a good example of the user-focused simplicity that we strive for with all our products.

We think Meraki’s MV is by far the easiest to manage video security system on the market. The cameras come bundled with needed for a successful deployment right in the box. We believe by providing users a video system managed on the same platform as networking and security we have changed the game.

At Cisco Meraki, we are constantly striving for simplicity. Meraki products reduce the time it takes to deploy, manage and troubleshoot IT infrastructure, making every step simpler. With Insight we’ve taken another significant step on this journey and towards end-to-end intelligence for the network. We can’t wait to get the tool into your hands.

Making things easier for your future self

As the rate of technological innovation accelerates, so does the need to plan for technological obsolescence. This is where Easy Pay comes in. After all, “easy” is in the name.

With Easy Pay, organizations can plan for obsolescence with flexible migration options. For example, upgrade to the latest Cisco next generation firewall to protect your high-value digital assets while enabling your network to keep pace with new digital business needs. You could even build a new facility or upgrade your current data center platform while improving cross-organizational collaboration. Here is how it works:

  • For hardware, you pay only 90% of the purchase price, with as low as 0% financing for three years.¹
  • For software and services, as low as 0% financing is available for three years.¹
  • After 3 years, you may return and refresh the hardware, or buy it for the remaining 10%.

With Cisco Easy Pay you avoid up-front capital outlays previously required when paying for the full cost of a solution. Now organizations of all types and sizes can more easily drive their IT strategies while saving cash. Cisco Capital will work with you to design a flexible, innovative, and agile funding solution to address your unique business needs. It is another offer we have created in an effort to simplify things and make our customer’s lives a little bit easier.

End-to-end Cisco simplicity

Keeping things simple is easier than you think.

Our family of solutions simplifies every stage of your technology life cycle. Whether it is acquiring the technology through Cisco Capital flexible payment solutions, managing that technology with Meraki, or refreshing that technology and upgrading with Easy Pay.

Ultimately, with our range of products and services, we hope that you will agree that simple is indeed better! Click here to learn more and get started today.



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