Here at Cisco DevNet we are constantly thinking of ways to bring innovative content your way. We have Learning Labs; We have DevNet Sandboxes; We have all the API documentation you could ever want and now we’re doing it again.

Back at DevNet Day in June of this year, we offered a segment called DevNet Snack Minutes. It was so well received, that, well, we decided to turn it into a weekly show.

We know you want technical knowledge. And, we know you only have a few minutes while you’re eating your lunch or getting that workout in. So, we created DevNet Snack Minute – 10 minutes, information-packed episodes, hosted by two DevNet Developer Advocates, Matt Denapoli and Kareem Iskander.

DevNet Snack minutes cover topics from Cisco APIs to automation to just cool stuff you want to know. They give you a quick, fun way to learn something new, keep your skills sharp, hear from industry experts, and stay ahead of the pack.

And if you want more, don’t fret, each episode ends with resources on Cisco DevNet you can dive into on your own like DevNet Automation Exchange, DevNet Code Exchange, and DevNet’s new Interactive API Documentation.

Upcoming episodes:

• “Securing Cisco DNA Center API Keys with HashiCorp Vault,” Tuesday, November 17
• “The Latest on Meraki V1 APIs,” Tuesday, November 24
• “DevNet Certifications and Becoming Part of the DevNet Class of 2020,” Tuesday, December 1:

So, mark your calendars for the series debut on Tuesday, November 17, and every Tuesday henceforth – for the DevNet Snack Minutes featured on DevNet’s YouTube channel! Cheers!

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Lacey Caldwell Senko

Director, Marketing & Community Outreach

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