Lacey Caldwell Senko

Director, Marketing & Community Outreach

Learning & Certifications

Lacey is a seasoned marketing leader with nearly 20 years of experience in marketing including marcom, product marketing, partner management and PR. She is quite a unique breed–one that has a business, technical, and creative mind all in one. Her experience is vast—ranging from launching new products in far-reaching parts of the world, to growing new and established brands here at home. Lacey loves marketing, creating communities and being proud of the work she produces – plain and simple. Oh, and she loves cookies and salsa, but not together.


June 2, 2023


Cisco Live 2023: Empowering IT Growth and Connections

It's the global event the Cisco Certified community looks forward to every year, with endless ways to learn, connect, and grow your tech journey with Learning and Certifications.

February 3, 2023


In the Hub with Learning and Certifications at Cisco Live Amsterdam

Stay in the know on all things learning and certifications at Cisco Live Amsterdam, February 6–10, 2023. Whether you want to discover new technology areas, talk strategically about how to unlock the next level in your career, network with like-minded professionals, or simply get a firsthand look at the tools that can transform how you work, innovate, and step forward to your next milestone—the Learning and Certifications space is where you can make that happen.

June 11, 2022


Cisco Live 2022: The Long-Awaited in-Person Experience

Find out what the Learning & Certifications team has planned for the week ahead at Cisco Live Las Vegas.

November 10, 2020


Grab a Seat, It’s a DevNet Snack Minute Y’all

Join DevNet Developer Advocates, Matt Denapoli and Kareem Iskander, for their short (10-minute), tech-focused episodes, covering technical topics from Cisco APIs to automation. It's a quick, fun way to learn something new each week.