March 9, 2016


Enterprise Connect, Day 3 Wrap-Up

Another busy day of Enterprise Connecting comes to a close in scenic Orlando. With Cisco’s announcements and Rowan’s keynote yesterday, my Wednesday was a bit quieter than Tuesday. (Not quiet, mind you — just quieter…) Collaboration Platforms with Jonathan Rosenberg My first session this morning was at what felt like a very early 9 a.m. […]

March 8, 2016


Enterprise Connect, Day 2 Wrap-Up

Apparently Monday was just a warm-up. Tuesday started with several announcements before sunrise and just kept going past sundown with the Cisco Reception. The energy level throughout the day? A strong buzzing. And there was a lot to buzz about, starting with the morning press release kicking off the day with announcements tied to Cisco […]

March 7, 2016


Enterprise Connect, Day 1 Wrap-Up

Enterprise Connect definitely got underway today in Orlando. The sessions grew more crowded throughout the day and the halls got busier. I heard a lot of talk about cloud, hybrid, UCaaS, and WebRTC just in passing conversations. (And I finally stopped looking for small dogs – the jingle of the badge lanyards somehow sounds like […]