September 5, 2017


Cisco adds Automation to its Infinite Broadband solution for Cable Access Networks

2 min read

Cisco add Automation to its Infinite Broadband solution for Cable Access Networks, making Cable Access Networks Smarter with SmartPHY automation.

Cisco adds new capabilities to its Infinite Broadband solution for Cable Access Networks

2 min read

Cisco is expanding its Infinite Broadband solution with an RPHY shelf, enabling small hub site consolidation improving overall Total Cost of Ownership for our customers.

A World’s First at ANGA COM 2017: 96 MHz Symmetrical Full Duplex Broadband Capacity (No Really)

4 min read

In 2012, we celebrated the 15-year birthday of DOCSIS. Now at age 20, we are excited to share one of the biggest developments since the original DOCSIS 1.0 specification.

Remote Phy, Why CIN Architectures Matter

3 min read

Discover the important of the Converged Interconnect Network for Remote Phy architectures.

Lifting the veil on Full Duplex DOCSIS

2 min read

In this blog we will be lifting the veil on Full Duplex DOCSIS, what are the core technologies that are being used?

Legacy HFC – Viable and Valuable as ever

3 min read

Read about latest linear technology and how it complements and helps to control costs in an evolving network.

January 31, 2017


Remote PHY, Cablelabs Interoperability “plug-fest” December 2016

2 min read

December 2016 will go into history as the month when the first “ Open RPD” Remote PHY interop was completed at Cablelabs®. The event, hosted by Cablelabs® took place in Denver the week of the 5th of December. Multiple vendors participated, many of them member of the Open-RPD forum. What was Open-RPD again? Open-RPD is […]

Looking Back at 2016, a Year in Cable

2 min read

As we have just come back from the holidays and spent time with family and loved ones, I wanted to take the opportunity to look back at 2016 and provide you with some of the highlights for Cisco in Cable Access over the year. In May 2016 we celebrated the first birthday of the cBR-8, […]

October 26, 2016


Join Cisco, Comcast & Cox to Learn About Full Duplex DOCSIS

1 min read

We wrote about Full Duplex DOCSIS® technology a few weeks back prior to the SCTE event in Philadelphia. Along with Remote PHY, virtual CMTS, video security, and virtual video processing, it was one of the hottest topics in our booth. Why is it getting so much attention? Because cable visionaries are pursuing the goal of […]