collaboration security

April 8, 2020


Assuring Confidentiality in Collaboration

7 min read

Not protecting personal or business collaboration can have significant consequences. Compare two general strategies for implementing confidentiality assurances in a collaboration platform -- hop-by-hop encryption vs. end-to-end encryption.

September 8, 2016


Cornerstones of Agile Business

6 min read

Staying ahead in today’s competitive markets requires much more than improving efficiency of existing organizational processes. It requires a smooth continuum of market intelligence, plus a distributed ability to analyze and act upon it. Above all, this must become the always-on new normal. It’s the essence of agility.

December 2, 2015


Secure Without Compromise

2 min read

This is part of a series on the evolution of the Cisco Collaboration Cloud platform, exploring the technical and design principles behind its unique architecture. So far in this series, we’ve learned about two ways the Cisco Collaboration Cloud is revolutionizing enterprise communications technology:  through its exceptional user experience and its hybrid capability. A third […]