Cisco Learning Network

June 21, 2022


Become the Oracle of the Network with Cisco WAN Automation Engine (WAE)

3 min read

Harness the power of Cisco WAE technology to anticipate how changes will impact the network — and what to do about them to maintain operational excellence.

June 14, 2022


Celebrating our Cisco Designated VIPs at Cisco Live 2022

4 min read

One of the enduring traditions of Cisco Live is our Cisco Designated VIP Dinner, an opportunity to celebrate important individuals to the Cisco Learning Network community. The importance of these individuals over the course of the pandemic is immeasurable.

May 5, 2022


Inspiration Through Stories of Accomplishment

2 min read

Whether you are beginning your learning journey, taking courses through Cisco Networking Academy, or a seasoned security engineer looking to learn new skills in NetDevOps, Cisco training and certification programs offer a path to the technology career you have always wanted.

April 27, 2022


5 Steps to Virtual Learning Success

6 min read

Whether you want to upskill, reskill, or certify, follow these steps to maximize your learning potential in today's hybrid learning landscape.

April 12, 2022


Learn How to Prepare for the DevNet Expert Exam!

2 min read

There’s a new DevNet certification available. Pass the exam, and you can become a Cisco Certified DevNet Expert! The exam covers a whole host of topics, so it’s important to prepare well. That way, you can give the exam your best shot. In Episode 55 of DevNet Snack Minute, Joe Clarke (Cisco Distinguished Engineer) gives […]

March 14, 2022


Pi Day Takes on New Meaning for Lifelong Learners

3 min read

Discover the "pi" of your learning journey in this twist on the mathematical constant π.

December 23, 2021


‘Tis the #CiscoCert Season

1 min read

The Cisco learning community is spreading cheer and gratitude in a special new way this year.

September 21, 2021


A Certified Way to Set Yourself Apart: IT Professionals Day

2 min read

Celebrate IT Professionals Day with Cisco Learning & Certifications. Want to become Cisco certified or continue your learning journey? Enter the IT Professionals Day Giveaway drawing for a free Cisco certification exam voucher!