As the Vice President of the Learning and Certifications organization at Cisco, I have the privilege of hearing amazing success stories and stories of people changing their lives and careers via Cisco training and exams. I am able to see, firsthand, how learning, certifications, and being Cisco certified have helped thousands of people in the tech industry transform their careers.

At the highest level, Cisco training and certification programs offer a path to the technology career you have always wanted. Investing in yourself is a gift you’ll never regret! Throughout the years, the way individuals consume and retain content continues to evolve. These developments require the learning industry to adjust and up-level, which leads to greater opportunities for those interested in an IT career. Modern learning technologies specialize in ‘meeting the learner where they are,’ giving anyone (even those with the most basic tech knowledge) the ability to become an expert in collaboration technologies, CyberOps, automation, or more traditional technologies like enterprise networking and data center.

Whether you are beginning your learning journey, taking courses through Cisco Networking Academy, or a seasoned security engineer looking to learn new skills in NetDevOps, the time for you to take advantage of the modern learning experiences and fast-track your career is NOW.

it's your turn to become the next learning and certification success story

Stories of Success

Part of our job is to tell our customers about the benefits of training and certifications through formal campaigns and marketing. However, the most powerful form of marketing is true, real-life stories that come from you… our learners, right here in our local communities. That is how we know we have reached success.

We work tirelessly each day to ensure that being Cisco certified is one of the highest forms of qualification in the IT industry. Here is what Kevin Brown has to say about how his Cisco certification positively impacts his day-to-day work life:

“People always want to know who they’re talking to. They want to know if you’re qualified,” Cybersecurity Expert Kevin Brown said. “Certifications give you instant credibility. The people I speak with know I’m knowledgeable and skilled before a single word even leaves my mouth.”

Continuing education, learning in general, and being Cisco certified is more than just simply taking classes and exams… it’s about changing your own life and making a difference in the lives of others.

We read every story and are honored that each of you is alongside us on this journey to success. Whether you choose to share your learning and certification successes on social media (use #CiscoCert to join the conversation), participate in a Community on the Cisco Learning Network, or leave a comment below, keep the stories coming.

Your inspiration and dedication truly are what keep me and the Learning & Certifications team going.

Happy Learning!

Par Merat

Vice President, Cisco Learning & Certifications

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Par Merat

Vice President

Cisco Learning & Certifications