Matt Saunders

Community Manager

Learning and Certifications

Matt is a community manager for the Cisco Learning & Certifications program and the Cisco Learning Network. He is passionate about building strong community connections for IT Professionals and life-long learners.


February 5, 2024


The Journey to CCDE, a Personal Story

16 min read

This guest post was authored by Cisco Designated VIP David Peñaloza Seijas.    Background/Story  Since I was a kid, I was fascinated by many things I found interesting. I grew up being the nosy kid, or “preguntón,” in Spanish. I was almost always asking “why?” whenever I got something explained or told, which would drive […]

September 11, 2023


The Journey to CCIE Certification, a Personal Story

4 min read

Cisco Designated VIP Christian Kellerer, CCIE #65551, shares his Cisco certification journey, how he refused to give up on the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification, and the "simple" 7-step strategy that helped him pass the lab exam.

May 19, 2023


Understanding Application Aware Routing (AAR) in Cisco SD-WAN

4 min read

Cisco Designated VIP David Peñaloza Seijas discusses the nuts and bolts of Application Aware Routing (AAR) in Cisco SD-WAN, an intelligent mechanism that automatically changes the routing path of applications, thanks to its active monitoring of WAN circuits to detect anomalies and brownout conditions.

April 6, 2023


Learn, Network, and Reunite at Cisco Live 2023 Las Vegas

1 min read

Don't miss out on the opportunities to learn, network, and reunite with the community at Cisco Live. Keep these pro tips handy to help you plan your time wisely.

November 30, 2022


Security in Network Design: Key Considerations from a Network Architect’s Perspective

12 min read

It's no longer enough to put a firewall at the perimeter and call it a day. Step into the mindset of a network architect as Daniel Dib, CCIE #37149, CCDE #20160011 shares the CCDE-driven approach to network security design and integration.

June 14, 2022


Celebrating our Cisco Designated VIPs at Cisco Live 2022

4 min read

One of the enduring traditions of Cisco Live is our Cisco Designated VIP Dinner, an opportunity to celebrate important individuals to the Cisco Learning Network community. The importance of these individuals over the course of the pandemic is immeasurable.