January 9, 2018


Kareem and Matt’s Code Party – Holiday Edition (belated)!

4 min read

Yeah, yeah, yeah … sure we’re a few days past the holiday, but Kareem and I were busy regaling with our friends and family, editing video takes time! Here is episode 2 of Kareem and Matt’s Code Party!  For those of you new to the Code Party,  the idea is to capture Kareem and I […]

October 24, 2017


Code Party Is Here! Who Says Coding Can’t be Fun?

5 min read

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Here is the first episode of Kareem and Matt’s Code Party where the idea is to video what we usually do, which is sit around, have a beverage, and talk tech (I know…super nerdy right?). This will be a series so keep your eyes open for new episodes, sample code, and blog […]

September 14, 2015


Make The World A Better Place – Simplify and Automate Your Data Center

2 min read

Last week, I wrote about Cisco’s SDN Strategy for the Data Center. I’d like to follow that up with 2 comments today. A reminder of the fact that...