The pace of change around us is no longer constant. It is continually accelerating. We all want to get and consume information, services, and just about anything instantly. My new coffeemaker brews me a fresh cup in just a couple of minutes, but it usually takes me ten minutes just to collect up the tools I need to prepare to start a home improvement project, and more than that to travel and get what I need from the local hardware store. And let’s not forget how long commute times are for most of us — much longer than just 10 minutes.

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So, just how fast can we get new networking services up and running and customize them for our businesses.   Imagine if we could easily and securely order the network services we want online in minutes. Imagine too if you could select them from an online marketplace and personalize them just like ordering your favourite late evening food cravings with just an emoji or on-line tweet. Imagine no more, with this video.

Cisco Virtual Managed Services is helping managed service providers and our partners do just that.  Lots of excitement and energy continue to surround cloud based services delivery and it is getting even better as business customers can order, customize, and manage their network services with just a few clicks of a mouse. Rogers and ATT have publicly announced their plans to partner with Cisco to deploy innovative new cloud-based, on-demand business services. They, like our partners Deutsches Telekom, Telstra, and Telecom Italia are driving to offer enormous savings to their business customers, and to become among first movers to capture their share of the ITaaS opportunity that is forecasted at more than $100B in 2019. (Sources – Ami Research, Cisco BTA)

As we get ready for what we expect will be quite a exciting and likely hectic SDN Congress  in Dusseldorf, we hope to see a much more collaborative approach to “work harder and faster” together to help our customers actively transform their businesses with open source innovations.   Look for more real-world demonstrations with our partners from Orange, Softbank, and SKT in the ETSI NFV POC zone that are focused on open, interoperable, model-driven services orchestration to automate cloud based service delivery.

Be sure to join the conversation and engage with us on October 12th at the SDN Congress in Dusseldorf

For more information of Cisco’s Virtual Managed Services solution, read this short overview

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Ian A. Hood

Senior Architect – Service Provider Business

Cisco Development Organization (CDO)