Part 3: What does it take to win in an OTT world?

In my previous post of this trilogy, I explained why I think that OTT video on the unmanaged network (aka. the Internet) is here to stay.

Moreover, I suggested that by combining the advantages of Video-Over-IP with those of Video-Over–Broadcast, service providers can reach a new standard in their video service.

Video-over-IP brings advantages such as personalized content experiences, extended device reach, rapid service launch, real time insights, and much more. Video-over-broadcast brings with it high video quality, robust security, and premium linear content.

What if you could get them all, TODAY, on your managed network?

Well it isn’t just a dream. You can have a platform that exceeds the standards achieved by the OTT industry.

Such a platform would be cloud-based and deliver a few key characteristics:

Be one platform to all devices – a single, modular platform that delivers video across any network, whether satellite, cable, OTT, you name it. It would support your existing legacy devices while allowing you to publish any experience, optimized for any device, as soon as it comes to market.

Offer the best video experience – with unmatched Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) video quality while providing intelligence across network, encoding, and clients. Discovery would be transformed with relevant and personalized content that finds the subscriber.

Built to scale, delivered as a service – meeting the needs of even the largest global service providers, reducing cost per subscriber, with a large global community of customers that constantly contributes to its roadmap.

Ensure uncompromising security – that protects what is yours and delivers your content securely everywhere.

At Cisco, IP and networking is in our DNA. With our Infinite Video Platform, we are best positioned to help your video service successfully move to the IP world.

To learn more about our Infinite Video Platform, visit us at the CES show in Las Vegas. Before the show, check out this brand new Infographic and related eBook.



Yaron Agami

Senior Manager

SP Product Marketing, Cable and Satellite Segments