Itential Pronghorn Platform Extends Cisco Network Services Orchestrator’s Automation

Service providers seeking to reduce costs and improve revenue know that increasing network automation and orchestration brings significant benefits. Traditional telco operations support systems (OSS) have tended to focus on point solutions that provide specific functions in their own attempt to automate networks. However, this approach has often failed to live up to its promise. The result is pockets of automation that engineers must “swivel chair” between to perform their jobs. The promise of automation is “zero touch”, but the traditional approach just doesn’t deliver on this promise.  The time for change is now.

Cisco and Itential have a solution to this challenge!  We are pleased to announce that Itential, a software company focused on improving the efficiency of network operations, has joined the Cisco SolutionPlus program adding Itential products & support to the Cisco Global price list.

Itential’s Pronghorn solution, available with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enables Service Providers to automate provisioning, operational, and maintenance activities in their networks while providing a single pane of glass interface across their support systems.   Itential Pronghorn complements Cisco NSO in delivering a model-based automation approach to its customers and leverages open standards, open source software, and industry best practices to deliver solutions that drive success for both service provider and enterprise environments.

There are a variety of use cases where Itential Pronghorn with Cisco NSO can help your organization meet its business objectives. Among these scenarios, it can also be used to automate maintenance tasks, enable zero-touch provisioning, and modernize configuration management of devices.

                                    Itential Pronghorn’s User Interface Portal

“According to Chris Wade, CTO of Itential, “The adoption of orchestration is key to supporting an API & model-first automation strategy.  Itential is focused on driving automation capabilities utilizing programmable network concepts and NSO as a foundational orchestration platform.”

Chris Wade, CTO of Itential

Join our upcoming Cisco Knowledge Network Session to learn more.  The session will include a demo of the Pronghorn Application Platform with NSO, including Itential’s robust workflow capabilities and real world use case examples.  Attendees will gain an understanding of the network management and service development challenges posed by automation and virtualization.  They will additionally learn why choosing the right orchestration solution is crucial to maximizing on these technologies

Register to attend the Cisco Knowledge Network Session October 3rd at 8 am-9am PST here.   The session will be also recorded and all content will be available for on-demand replay after the live webinar from the Cisco Knowledge Network Site.


John Malzahn

Senior Marketing Manager

Service Provider Cloud Solutions