Written by Craig Pasek and Pat Chou, Product Managers, Transceiver Module Group

We’ve seen that many enterprise customers with multi-mode fiber already installed in their buildings have taken advantage of the benefits of Cisco’s 10/25G CSR transceiver. We’ve also heard a misconception in the industry that we’d like to clear up.  

Cisco’s 10/25G CSR is often viewed as a proprietary specification transceiver, as opposed to a standardized specification transceiver. An example of a standardized specification is 25GBASE-SR, released by the IEEE. Many network operators prefer optics based on industry standards because they foster an ecosystem in the transceiver industry that enables competition and multi-source supply strategies.

It’s true that only Cisco offers the 10/25G CSR transceiver. However, because its unique specifications go above and beyond IEEE 25GBASE-SR, it is fully interoperable with any transceiver based on that standard. Therefore, network operators don’t have to give up the benefits of standardization. See the figure below for the various optics that 10/25G CSR interoperates with.

The primary benefit of the 10/25G CSR transceiver over those that only adhere to 25GBASE-SR is that CSR offers longer reach over the same multi-mode fiber. And of course 10/25G CSR is dual-rate.

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Pat Chou

Product Manager

Service Provider - Transceiver Modules Group