The expectations on the modern marketer are ever-increasing. 

The list of skills required includes the classics:

  • market research
  • creative writing
  • attractive branding
  • engaging event management
  • seamless customer support

Add these relatively newer skills:

  • crisp digital photography
  • smooth video
  • webpage coding
  • real-time social media listening
  • business analytics
Community Manager Appreciation Day
Cisco Community Managers sharing selfies on Community Manager Appreciation Day. #CMADselfie

The community managers behind the brands you continue to support are able to do all of the above.  Otherwise, you wouldn’t be happy with the brand.  Branding is all about making you happy.


Evolution of the Digital Strategist

During my decade at Cisco, I’ve moved from database email marketing, to content development for worldwide sales, and back to marketing to help sell socially.  Many of my fellow community managers have made similar transitions. When recruiters say that they are looking for someone who can “wear many hats”, they mean it.

Our role as stewards of the brand is to try to anticipate what our audience wants, and to move quickly to resolve issues as they arise.  For those of us who publish anonymously in support of a brand, Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD) was a celebration of the teamwork that happens in the background.   We love our jobs, and find new ways to innovate and celebrate daily!


How do we at Cisco keep our skills sharp and relevant? 

We participate in company-wide training, as teachers and students.

We also support each other in the learning process, sharing best practices, and finding opportunities for improvement.

On Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD), we gave you a look behind the Cisco brand.  This is just a small part of our much larger team.

Did you find your favorite Community Manager (#CMGR) in this Twitter conversation? Add your comment below to let us know which Cisco channels you follow.  We’d love to introduce you to more people in the team.

Do you manage a social media channel or online community?  Share your story with us, so we can get to know the people behind your brand.


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