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Customers want a multicloud environment where multiple clouds can work together seamlessly; where applications can be easily built, deployed, managed, and migrated; and where interoperable end-to-end security remains intact.

You need a strategy and service that will help you establish a strong multicloud foundation for your business and get you up and running quickly to deal with current unprecedented times and also prepare you for the uncertainties of the future. It is also critical to have a robust environment that can handle the diverse capabilities of application and workload management, high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR), and in-built cloud security to drive both business resiliency and continuity for positive revenue impact.

However, with multicloud strategies spanning multiple domains including networking, security, analytics, management, and infrastructure strategies, an organization’s ability to innovate quickly is impacted by their skills, processes, and tools. With the rapid evolution of our multicloud world, many organizations find that their operations are not optimized for multicloud operations.

Furthermore, applications are the lifeblood of an organization. Moving applications between on-premises and public cloud environments is key to faster ROI. However, environments are fragmented, which adds to the cost and complexity quotient. You need your multicloud environment to work as one, so you can reap the benefits of cloud efficiency, cost optimization, and faster time-to-market for applications.

Accelerate your journey to a Multicloud Environment with Cisco Customer Experience

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) offers cloud capabilities that deliver a work as one experience. Cisco CX is now offering Cisco Multicloud Foundation Service (MFS), a new use case-based foundation service that helps you simplify and transform your application experience, accelerate multicloud adoption, and reduce security risk. Cisco MFS integrates Cisco hardware and software, public cloud providers, and third-party software to deliver a multicloud solution stack that is production-grade, easily deployable, scalable, and supports core multicloud use-cases.

Cisco MFS supports implementation of common multicloud use cases to support your unique cloud operations. You can leverage IT-as-a-Service and DevOps to build new hybrid cloud models that offer on-demand access, governance, and agility based on user needs. Cloud Governance allows you to create cross-functional and cross-team policies based on business requirements for application delivery, security, and agility. You can also easily migrate applications and integrate data with our Multicloud Networking use case for persistent network capabilities. Further, Application Workload Management enables consistent architecture builds for holistic workload placement. And protecting your applications and data while controlling access using software and services for threat detection, consistent policies, and predictive capabilities is simplified and automated with Cloud Security. You can also fortify your business continuity across and between different cloud environments, both on-and off-premises, with the help of cloud-based HA and DR redundancy. Finally, we offer expert guidance and capabilities to support Cloud Migration, to shift applications to new platforms and IT environments that “best fit” your architectural and business needs, with minimal code changes.

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Your integrated multicloud solution stack that works as One

Cisco’s complete solution stack includes Cisco HyperFlex™, Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) and Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI®) with Cisco Intersight™ for cloud management, the Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) for workload optimization, CSR1000V routers for multicloud networking, and CloudCenter™ Suite for application lifecycle management, cost management, and workflow integrations. Kubernetes can be deployed using the Cisco Container Platform in multiple cloud environments (public and private), and accelerated through our partnership with marquee public cloud providers including AWS, Google, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

Why Cisco CX for Your Multicloud Deployments

CX simplifies and transforms your multicloud onboarding, making your transition easier and more productive to accelerate your ROI and efficiency gains. It’s simpler than ever with the right multicloud and multi-domain certified technical expertise paired with our breadth of experience and best practices​ in new and evolving technologies. We’ll help you speed multicloud adoption and accelerate your digital transformation with the right tools and methodologies boosted by predictive and preemptive analytics from cloud-based AI/ML capabilities. You’ll also have issue remediation support from Cisco subject matter experts across Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) and Knowledge Transfer teams as we complete your deployment and proceed to the hand-off.

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Vidya Sawhny

Marketing Manager

Cloud & Data Center Services