David Stanford

Senior Director

Cisco Customer Experience (CX)

David Stanford is a Senior Director in our Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Chief Technology Office, leading Breakthrough Innovation. In his current role he is driving our customer digital transformation while leading forwarding-looking and disruptive innovation for our existing CX business. David has built a 20+ year career focused across many architectures and domains including Security, Networking, Cloud, and Applications. He is deeply committed to our customers and a thought leader focused on their transition to hybrid multicloud. David has been focused on supporting customers throughout their lifecycle of technology and allowing for a seamless transition into forward looking solutions. David is passionate about mentoring both senior technical talent and potential industry leaders, while fostering a diverse culture of innovation as this is the key to our success in the future.


July 28, 2021


Building a Culture of Innovation

2 min read

I truly believe any idea can make an impact. As a 20+ year veteran check out key insights and lessons I’ve learned to build an inclusive culture of innovation from the bottoms up!