I took my family to a San Francisco 49ers game recently. My sons are huge NFL fans – they connect with the teams in different ways than I did as a kid. They like interacting with the 49ers fan app on their mobile phones. I liked the mobile app because my tickets and parking were available there – super easy. Technology has made an incredible contribution to the fan experience at venues like Levi’s Stadium, where Cisco is a technology partner.

The technology involved in an event at Levi’s Stadium offers the most advanced fan experience, and the same can be said for our B2B customers.

Cisco enhances the customer experience for our B2B customers as much as we do for our B2C customers. These situations may not involve stadiums and cheering crowds, but the experience is just as important.

Experience has come a long way and will go much further

It wasn’t long ago that a football game experience happened “at the game.” The most you could say about extending that experience was the tailgate parties in the parking lot.

According to Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO – “When Cisco started its journey in sports and entertainment years ago, we knew the right technology would reshape the fan experience, and with this partnership, we are continuing our progress toward creating a more dynamic future.”

Over 80% of fans desire a more immersive and content-rich experience when attending a live event. Live video, real-time statistics, alternate camera angles, and replays on demand keep fans engaged everywhere. They want to remain on top of all the action when walking the concourse, standing in a concessions line, enjoying a premium suite or club, or from the comfort of their own seat.

B2B now expects a B2C experience

It was important to me that my boys and all the other kids and fans in Levi’s Stadium that day saw a better show and had a better experience because of Cisco’s technology. I sat with pride, thinking, “We enable this!”

There’s been a shift in B2B, where customers now expect a B2C experience. They don’t want to feel a difference between the experiences they have on their personal devices and the apps they use for work. They want technology to be magically everywhere, but unobtrusive. It just needs to work without thinking about it.

This relates to different industries – when we talk to healthcare clients, they don’t want to talk about how the technology works. They just want to know how it helps the clinician and patient experience.

The technology should be so good that you’re unaware it’s there. Doctors, nurses, and administrators don’t care what technology the hospital uses. They just want to know that when a patient arrives, that person’s mobile device easily connects to the WiFi so they can get updates about their status and that medical staff can update statuses easily.

A great experience is not about the technology, but the people who are served. My family had a fantastic experience at the 49ers game, and they didn’t think about the technology behind it at all — because it works the way it’s supposed to. B2B wants the same experience, and Cisco can help make it happen.

If you want to know how Cisco can help your B2B business provide B2C experiences for your customers – even if they are also B2B – let us know.

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Kevin Quigley

Sales Director, GES West