Kevin Quigley

Sales Director, GES West


With 20+ years of enterprise sales leadership experience for some of the world’s largest companies – including my current Director role with Cisco – I have a proven background driving customer success and building world-class teams. Since joining the company in 2021, it has been truly amazing to realize how critical Cisco infrastructure is to society in general. Our technology brings stability and security to enterprise customers, even during times of economic uncertainty. Prior to joining Cisco, I was part of the leadership team to start a healthcare vertical at Palo Alto Networks and a North America VP of Sales at Oracle.


January 31, 2023


Experience Enabled by Technology Turns Customers into Fans

2 min read

There’s been a shift in B2B, where customers now expect B2C experience. They don’t want to feel a difference between the experiences they have on their personal devices and the apps they use for work. They want technology to be magically everywhere, but unobtrusive. It just needs to work without thinking about it.