What if you could simultaneously reduce your network downtime by 74 percent and increase IT efficiency by 30 percent? What would you do with your newfound time? Maybe you would divert recovered costs toward revenue-generating activities. Perhaps you would redirect resources to take meaningful steps on a transformation project. Whatever you choose, you would have greater flexibility and freedom to pursue new growth opportunities.

There is no perfect formula for success, but we’re getting close with the launch of Cisco Business Critical Services. I am proud to share Cisco Services’ debut of our portfolio of next-generation optimization services that apply analytics, automation, and technology expertise to help our customers predict opportunities, preempt risks, and navigate technology transitions.

The Right Services for Now

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to host a talk with top industry CIOs who expressed some universal challenges. They are pressed for technical talent in key roles. The pace of change has accelerated the demand for IT resources, not only to keep the
lights on but to secure their infrastructure, take on transformational initiatives, and leverage IT as a growth enabler.

The proof is more than anecdotal. According to the IDC Worldwide Digital leader survey, 69 percent of IT leaders shared that they lacked the right people, knowledge, and technology to transform. Seventy percent of IT networking teams believe programming and scripting skills are must. But, only 15 percent of the IT networking talent has these skills today.

How can technology leaders reconcile the dynamic? They can remove human error from the system and extract more value from their Cisco products and solutions. They can optimize their networks and enable IT to play offense. Business Critical Services integrates the right services for what organizations need now. They can choose from a combination of services including our new capabilities:

  • Analytics – Our advanced analytics engine enables IT teams to make informed decisions with trending data, anomaly detection, and near real-time reporting via a robust portal.
  • Automation – Automated fault management, detection, collection, reporting, and notification take complexity and guesswork out of the network.
  • Compliance – Automation boosts compliance with automated software upgrades and large-scale configuration changes. Companies reduce risk and gain confidence with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, ISO and other compliance audits.
  • Security – Today’s network is as strong as its defense. Business Critical Services bakes in best-in-class threat management including Incident Response, threat hunting, and vulnerability assessments.

There is more good news. Business Critical Services was built for customers across industries and to meet them anywhere they are in their transformation journeys. We have learned from tens of thousands of engagements that organizations need flexibility to tap into expertise when they need it and new ways to optimize their infrastructure to make the most of their investments. With our launch of Business Critical Services, we’re giving customers opportunities for both. It’s a fresh formula for success in today’s hyper-competitive market. A secure, efficient, and agile technology environment is closer than you think.

Read Cisco Service’s Senior Vice President Joe Cozzolino’s Business Critical Services Launch announcement.



Bryan Palma

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Cisco Advanced Services