Co-Author: Vidya Sawhny

There’s a real opportunity to achieve a new level of excellence with sustainable business continuity that rivals even your best historic performances. For increasing numbers, that excellence is achieved through expanding remote work capacity and connectivity. With remote work and BYOD environments swelling rapidly to keep clients and teams connected, it’s more important than ever to keep all those new connections secure. That’s where your VPN remote access comes in. 

Companies are hurriedly pivoting from predominantly on-facility to nearly 100% remote work operations in order to maintain business continuity. While meeting online is nothing new, the scale of users and variety of sources, devices, and applications represent an entirely new frontier for many. To keep mission-critical processes and systems running efficiently without disruption, more businesses of all sizes are turning to real-time, virtual collaboration tools requiring increased capacityBusinesses have the opportunity to leverage collaboration and communication features so rich, it feels like they’re in the same room as their customers and teams. An ideal opportunity to improve business processes, speed decision-making, and boost productivity. But even the most immersive solutions are only as good as they are secure. Without the right security, your new, rapidly expanding BYOD and virtual enterprise could be more vulnerable than ever before. Cyber criminals are well aware and already taking advantage.  

Business continuity is tough enough. Your VPN needs to be tougher.  

To empower your teams and serve customers, partners, and employees alike, you need a robust, always-on VPN solution to keep them protected. But what might have worked yesterday for your VPN, probably doesn’t work today. With businesses onboarding an increasing number of remote workers and connecting with more customers in virtual environments, your VPN capacity demands need to be dynamic and evolve exponentiallyCisco Customer Experience (CX) understands this need. We’ve introduced a suite of enhanced Security service packages for Remote Access that help you adapt to your Next-Gen Firewall VPN deployments to address the manifolds of increase in remote workBased on CX expertise, best practices, and analytical insight, CX offers for Secure Remote Worker can help you analyze your current VPN capacity, determine security policies, and provide recommendations for VPN capacity planning, design, configuration, and remediation, while keeping security intact 

Secure Remote WorkerCX offers a variety of solutions for VPN capacity expansion and remote access security. Cisco Consulting, Design and Implementation, Business Continuity Triage, and Incident Response Services help analyze your current VPN configuration, and offer recommendations for additional VPN capacity planning, design, and implementationCisco Umbrella and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints on remote clients provide DNS security and malware protection, while Cisco’s Talos Incident Response Retainer helps manage security risks and incident response in the event of security breaches. We’ll help you implement a plan, partnering with you on the development and operationalization of your VPN networkWe are also offering free expert and self-help resources, such as our Business Continuity Ask the Expert (ATX) webinarsto help you get up and running quicklyEasily increase your VPN remote access capacity and manage security vulnerabilities with our CX experts. 

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Nick King

Vice President of CX Marketing

Customer Experience (CX)