Smaller organizations need simplified security — without sacrificing control, flexibility, and threat preventionOur vision is for all organizations, especially small organizationsto have strong firewall security with simplified management. The firewall must perform, protect, and get out of the way. Many small organizations have told us they don’t want to hear about every possible firewall option. They just want to know what we recommend. 


If you want our mosteasily managed firewall, highly configurable and with granular threat protection, with an architecture that can grow with your organization, ask your Cisco reseller about the new Cisco Secure Firewall Small Business EditionIt features our simplified cloud management and logging, silent desktop-sized firewall appliance, every Cisco threat defense capabilityand 50 remote access VPN licenses … it’s our most affordably priced small business firewall package, ever. Cisco partners appreciate it too, as the tightly integrated solution has only two part numbers.

Choosing the right firewall for you

If your team is like most in small businesses, (where “team” might even be you alone!), and you do not have staff dedicated solely to networking and security, we recommend cloud-managed firewalls to most customersOur physical and virtual firewall appliances, and our cloud-delivered SASE firewall, can be managed from Cisco’s secure cloud. Customers find cloud-based firewall managers simpler, with automated upgrades that save time. Firewall firmware updates may be simply executed … with a single click. Additionallythe modern user interface automatically saves your old configurationand provides clear visibility into active remote access VPN sessions. More information on the solution can be found here. 

When you need a firewall appliance, our new Cisco Secure Firewall Small Business Edition targets organizations needing granular security policies and configurations with complex routing, VPN, and encrypted traffic inspection. MX is ideal for customers desiring the greatest simplicity and leveraging Meraki’s integrated management of switches, access points, and firewalls.

Want to unlock the simplicity of Secure Firewall Small Business Edition for yourself? Start a free trial for cloud management and logging by visiting: 


Bill Mabon

Senior Manager, Security Products

Cisco Security