While the concepts of the Internet of Things (IoT) and “connecting the unconnected” are not new, Cisco remains at the forefront of uncovering innovative ways to apply IoT to create value for our customers. With more than 700 IoT products and solutions, we’re enabling data and insights never before available. We’re also ramping our technical support capabilities to help customers capitalize on the opportunities.

In this increasingly connected world, you’ve told us about the tools and resources you need to digitize your business and fix increasingly complex network issues. In response, we continuously look for new ways to help you reduce downtime and increase efficiency when you interact with Services experts in our global Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Most recently, we’ve been working on proactive, automated ways to help you identify and resolve network problems faster, while helping you ensure business continuity. We’ve been doing this through a new era of connected technical support that allows us to help identify technical issues before they affect your network performance, availability, and security.

I asked Chris Stiles, Sr. Director of Technical Services Product Marketing, to share some of the advances we’re making with these capabilities. Please read on because there’s opportunity for you to participate.

Guest Author: Chris Stiles, Sr. Director, Cisco Technical Services
Product Management  

Cisco’s Technical Services (TS) team works hard to free you from focusing on routine tasks such as finding network issues and maintaining existing infrastructure, so you can focus on running and transforming your business. With that, I’m excited to tell you about some of our new automation capabilities and I’m eager to invite you to try them out.

Our Connected TAC initiative combines our product knowledge base with connections to your devices to help identify and remediate issues that could be impacting your network.

When you activate Connected TAC on your devices, you receive automated diagnoses and remediation recommendations for issues that appear. You also receive access to TAC Advisors so they can help you implement recommendations and next steps.

Connected TAC drives strong benefits for you and your network:

  • Swifter issue identification and resolution
  • Better network availability and performance
  • More secure networks
  • Streamlined engagements with the TAC
  • Better service coverage management and product lifecycle management
  • Increased risk mitigation

In short, Connected TAC helps you create a foundation for a more secure, more reliable network.

Are you a customer interested in giving it a try, or a Partner interested in recommending a customer that would benefit? Connected TAC is currently available as a controlled release. It’s available in a tiered services package, with basic, enhanced and premium service levels. Whichever package you choose, don’t miss out because we are recruiting 100 customers to install the Connected TAC software and check out the features and benefits mentioned above. Contact us via email at connectedtac_mt@cisco.com for more information if you are interested.

Be part of these new Connected TAC Service offerings so you can spend more time bringing your business visions to life and less time investigating issues that Connected TAC can identify automatically!


Curt Hill

Senior Vice President

Customer Assurance