cisco_champions BADGE_200x200#CiscoChampion Radio is a podcast series by Cisco Champions as technologists. Today we’re talking with Cisco Principal Engineer Shannon McFarland, about OpenStack for Enterprise. Lauren Friedman (@Lauren) moderates and Jeremiah Dooley and Patrick Swackhammer are this week’s Cisco Champion guest hosts.

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Cisco SME
Shannon McFarland, @eyepv6, Cisco Principal Engineer

Cisco Champions
Jeremiah Dooley, @jdooley_clt , Cloud Architect at Solidfire
Patrick Swackhammer, @swackhap, Network Engineer

What is OpenStack
Why Enterprises care about OpenStack
Common misperceptions of OpenStack
How OpenStack works with other solutions
Biggest challenges for Enterprise day 2 operations

CommsNinja Is this a dumb question: “what does it mean for something to be project based… as opposed to not project based?”
JDooley Not dumb at all. 🙂
Ken Hui The term called comes from open source’s heritage in the tech research arena. It speaks to the collaborative nature.
Swack_ thx Ken
aconaway Great question, Swack.
CommsNinja Ah, most of my recent open source knowledge comes 2nd hand from someone who wrote and maintained his own project.. “egocentric based” v. project based
CommsNinja ‘Let’s use open source because it is cheaper” = “I can lose weight by cutting off a limb”??
JDooley Bingo
eyepv6 @commsninja – LOL!!
CommsNinja Hey all.. who has questions?!
Maher me
CommsNinja Possible Q: What things should enterprises do to prepare for OS deployment?
Maher There is a concern that OPenStack development is leading to unix style fracture and it won’t be as stable as AWS because it has to meet the requirement of so many contributing companies. what’s your opinion about this?
CommsNinja Possible Q: OpenStack – DC vs Ent – how should we think about them differently?
scottm32768 Fragmentation!
CommsNinja Possible Q: Do we need to think about security differently for OpenStack deployments?
JDooley Security? What’s that?
CommsNinja @jdooley Shh! The bunnies will hear you
CommsNinja Q: Is forking a natural development of project-based activities?
Ken Hui Forking is actually a good thing if code is contributed back upstream 2 the community. Fosters innovation and fixes.
CommsNinja Welcome @loyevans
loyevans howdy @commsninja
CommsNinja Btw open call for questions @loyevans
CommsNinja Possibly too simple: What things should enterprises do to prepare for OpenStack deployments? How shoudl they deploy? Small or across the board?
loyevans What are the biggest challenges for an enterprise for day 2 operations? Do i have to buy up a bunch of py guys just to be productive?
CommsNinja Q: In educating customers… what are common misconceptions you have to overcome?
loyevans what about down market commercial customers who buy vmw for the “out of the box” supportability option? how can we bring openstack to mass market?
CommsNinja @Swack_ @JDooley Check out @loyevans questions too 🙂
Maher I think we’ll need another episode for OPenStack, we still have so many Questions 🙂
Swack_ good call Maher!
CommsNinja @Maher – you got it
eyepv6 Do you want me to take these other questions via chat
loyevans do you see a convergence of things with openstack and other platform emergents, such as containers and what not for a multi-faceted virt platform?
Swack_ Is this the “Don’t Fork It Up” article you were talking about @eyepv6? http://robhirschfeld.com/2011/09/12/openstack-needs-community-collaboration/
Josh_Atwell Day 0 is easy
Josh_Atwell Day 730 is hard
loyevans yes to that one @Josh_Atwell
CommsNinja But ZeroDay isn’t usually easy
CommsNinja :p
JDooley Day “In-place version upgrade” is the most fun. 🙂
Ken Hui 4 a lot of sales guys, nothing matters after day 91 when commissions have been paid out.
VMTyler Goes back to the forking discussion-further you stray, harder it is to upgrade


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