We just announced two new IoT solutions at Cisco Live Barcelona that drive relevancy across your accounts in almost every vertical. All of us in Cisco’s partner organization are very excited about how these new offerings, Cisco Cyber Vision and Cisco Edge Intelligence, will create new opportunities for our partner community.

These solutions help our customers solve two key IoT pain points: cybersecurity risks and data control. Both solutions are great additions to the Cisco IoT lineup, add value to our network, and help differentiate partners to expand relevancy and sell more. Also, both software solutions are deployed on and integrated with the Cisco network for simplicity and scalability.  Let’s take a quick view of them.

  • Cisco Cyber Vision is a cybersecurity solution specifically designed to ensure continuity, resilience and safety of industrial operations.  It monitors industrial assets and application flows to extend IT security to the OT domain through seamless integration with the IT SOC and easy deployment within the industrial network.
  • Cisco Edge Intelligenceis an edge to multi-cloud orchestration software that simplifies getting the correct data from the source to the right applications at the right time. The beauty of Edge Intelligence is that it will provide full data control, governance, flexibility, and scalability while offering seamless integration with Azure, Software AG, and other cloud solutions to magnify business objectives.

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Here are five ways Cisco Cyber Vision and Cisco Edge Intelligence will resonate to sharpen your transformational edge:

  1. Being the bridge between IT and OT.  Our customers have IT teams and OT teams that many times do not speak the same technical language or have the same priorities. That’s where Cyber Vision comes in. It not only acts as a translator, but has the capabilities to meet both parties’ priorities. Cyber Vision will bring IT the security it requires to protect the business and OT professionals will be able to gain insights into their processes and get the security they need without disrupting operations.  You can use Cyber Vision as the bridge to connect both ends — to understand the OT environment, build new contacts, and learn about concerns that keep OT awake at night.
  2. Providing deeper links with customers through business relevancy. Cyber Vision and Edge Intelligence help you open up new conversations with your customers. Both solutions connect at customer business levels, allowing you to uncover in-depth knowledge of their overall challenges. You can then position yourself and Cisco’s IoT solutions as instrumental in helping bring their business to the next level.
  3. Creating differentiation. Only Cisco offers a multi-domain architecture from the enterprise to the IoT edge with the security, compute, and the data solutions needed to scale for IoT.  Our competitors can offer some or part — but not all.  With the number of devices connected, simplicity and scale rules. Our integrated and industry-leading solutions bring those benefits in spades, and add-on to your customer knowledge for differentiation to come to life. Use them to create your own solutions by applying your knowledge of your customers’ needs.
  4. Expanding your offers. Services are at the core of any of our Cisco partners, and both of these new solutions open more opportunities to expand services offers. Security assessments and cloud strategies are some of the services partners will be able to provide using Cyber Vision and Edge Intelligence, so be ready to increase your offer reach.
  5. Cross and upselling. Cyber Vision, as a visibility platform, can help open the door for you to position ISE and Stealthwatch as part of the Cyber Security offer, proving benefits to IT and OT. Additionally, using the new enhanced IoT Portfolio with Cyber Vision Sensors, opportunity will increase even more as customers renew older equipment.

Because IT and OT must work together in this digital age, it’s crucial that Cisco partners be well-positioned to bridge feature-rich IT platforms and the day-to-day needs of OT professionals.  Cyber Vision and Edge Intelligence are the solutions for partners reach to achieve that objective today.

Happy IoT Selling in 2020.



Andres Sintes

Global Senior Director, Partner GTM

Global Partner Organization (GPO) - Digital Transformation & IoT