I hope that many of you had the chance to attend our recent Cisco Live event in Las Vegas. If you did, you had the pleasure of hearing Chuck Robbins introduce you to Cisco’s new era of networking and the countless technological advances and opportunities this offers our partner ecosystem.  For Cisco distributors in particular, I’d like to help you prepare for these changes.

The Network. Intuitive. is designed to create new opportunities for you by expanding and simplifying stock, and creating up-sell opportunities and recurring revenue streams. The Catalyst 9000 Series is the premier switch in Cisco’s new network. It is built to meet the current customer networking challenges of evolving security threats, IoT, mobility integration, and the cloud. The Catalyst 9k switches are the first set of networking hardware built specifically for Digital Network Architecture, and they also simplify the stocking requirements for distributors. In addition, the Software Defined Access capabilities provide industry leading simplicity in policy enforcement and segmentation for our customers.

The full power of The Network. Intuitive. is realized when 9k switches are paired with Cisco’s revolutionary, customizable software that allows centralized management for the Enterprise Network portfolio. In short, it helps to bring our distributors closer to their customer and partners business. The ability to build out a whole solution will enable our distributors to drive value added services around software integration and create stickiness within partnerships. The new suite of Cisco products also presents distributors with the opportunity to refresh the $20B install base and leverage net new sales.

Our customers currently spend 60 billion dollars a year on network operations, which can be simplified and streamlined in the new era of networking. Now is the time for you to capitalize on this. To find out more, take a look at the resources available to you here.


Julie Hens

Vice President

Global Distribution Sales