While it’s exciting to see more organizations start to return to the office, it’s a transition that comes with a new set of questions and challenges as customers evolve to meet the flexible working needs of today.  We know our channel partners will deliver solutions to shape the future of work starting with software and hardware to build a bridge for wherever and however customers need to work.

To help accelerate the safe return to office we’re simplifying offers and investing in programs that will make it easier for partners to deliver hybrid experiences and keeping profitability top of mind.

Here are three resources that will enhance your go-to-market efforts:

1. Use it, Know it, Sell it! To have confidence in a solution, you need to use it and know it.  That starts by getting intimately familiar with how it works and how it integrates with other aspects of the portfolio.   We’ve made it easier and less expensive for you to do just that with our New NFR Collab SaaS and Webex Devices NFR offers.  These promotions coupled with the new demo experiences through Demo Tool-Box, Webex Trials Toolkit and Webex Trials will help you initiate demos faster.   We know demos build trust and demos lead to trials and trials leads to WINS!  Learn more

2. With your profitability in mind, we recently introduced aggressive device pricing, lifecycle incentives, seller rewards, and rebates to help you capitalize on the $53B global collaboration market opportunity.  These investments are designed to focus and reward your go to market efforts, and help win in this competitive landscape. Use them effectively!

3. To help the world better understand hybrid work models and how to design workplaces, Webex will host an event that you and your customers won’t want to miss. We are excited to announce, Hybrid Work. Made Real.  A Webex special virtual event held June 8th (Americas and Europe) and June 9th (APJC). At this event we will introduce industry-first innovations across our collaboration suite and provide a blueprint for creating inclusive hybrid work experiences to unlock your customer’s true business potential.

Register for Hybrid Work. Made Real.


Leverage “Partner to Customer Resources” to invite your customers to Hybrid Work. Made Real.

In summary, I want you to feel confident that our approach is partner first and we are committed to helping you win the hybrid workplace.

Your next steps are:

Leverage the NFR programs

Take advantage of the incentives and rebates.

Register for Hybrid Work. Made Real. and invite your customers. 


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Kristyn Hogan

Vice President

Collaboration Partner Sales