We are resilient. Even long before modern-day civilization, we have been a resilient people. With the latest advancements in technology and modern medicine and the transformation within the world’s population, we have proved how resilient we all are. Oliver Tuszik, Senior Vice President of the Global Partner Organization, just shared his thoughts around the upcoming Partner Summit and being future ready, which align perfectly with what has been shared at this past Disti Forum and in my previous blogs. I encourage you all to read Oliver’s message and invite your partners to register for Cisco Partner Summit Digital.

It is no secret that I have found your constant resilience these past months astounding, but not surprising. Your ability to align, enable, and accelerate your partners success and use your culture, development, and expertise is what drives true profitability for us all.  In the Americas we have four pillars that we believe rest on these principles.

Pillar One: Through Managed Service Providers (MSP), Sales Play alignment, and Demand Generation, you help your partners grow their product and service capabilities. If you haven’t taken a moment to familiarize yourself with the latest Small Business Plays, I invite you to learn more and share them with your partners. You not only take on educating yourself on the latest launches, announcements, and updates, but you digest and share the message with your partners. Your efforts are what make these initiatives successful.

Pillar Two: Simple. Automated. Two words that make everyone’s life not only easier, but better. That is one of our key focus areas. As an Americas team, we are working to simplify the partner experience–looking into our processes, product portfolios, and services to break it down making it easier. The unified Americas Partner launch pre-briefing hub can help you familiarize yourself  with the latest Cisco updates and get sneak peaks before the products are released to the public.

Pillar Three: We are also focused on our small and mid-size business community. As I mentioned, we are working to simplify the experience, but we’re also looking at the offers so that it’s easier than ever for your partners to sell Cisco. Cisco is expanding automation and ease of transaction to support new buyers and meet customers where they buy. Not to mention, looking at Partner activation and recruitment. You have access to the Partner On-Boarding Guide and the new 2-Tier Partner Messaging Playbook to help you as you recruit, activate, and help your partners grow.

Pillar Four: By driving partner lifecycle practices and renewals acceleration, we are scaling to reach all our partners no matter what their financial situation looks like at any given moment. Partner-led Enterprise Agreements, a program which helps organizations buy, consume, and manage Cisco technology across the software portfolio, helps your partners simplify consumption and maximize value for their customers.

We hope through these pillars we are maximizing your reach and helping your teams exercise their Cisco expertise.


John Brookbank

Vice President, Americas Distribution

WW Partner Sales