As we look to a new calendar year and the second half of Cisco’s fiscal year, I am very encouraged by our partners’ agility and resiliency to face the global challenges that had to be addressed.

As a leader in the Global Partner Organization, I too, feel these challenges and the desire to do all that is possible to assist our partners to reach the goals they want to achieve to create great opportunities with their customers.

My team is committed to our partners and I want to take a moment to reflect on our recent Partner Experience Platform (PXP) launch and a few exciting new programs that partners will see over the coming months.

PXP has been a massive journey since the concept was discussed in the Fall of 2019. Since our launch in November 2020, we have invited over 12 thousand individuals to access PXP. Our partners have responded well with 5000 plus signing up and using the platform’s features. And this is just the first phase!

We took great care to ensure PXP is a one-stop place for our partners to understand their business with Cisco. Our partners have been fantastic in participating with all aspects of development, pilot testing, and the successful launch.

Collectively, PXP and our partners have inspired this platform to simplify operations, create relevant and actionable insights that increase productivity, and ultimately provide more time for partners to focus on critical performance today and transformational innovations for tomorrow.

At this time, PXP has provided the capabilities to manage seven areas that our partners can access regarding their business. We continue this journey by adding partner requested capabilities in benchmarking, business planning, enrollment (onboarding and enablement), and guided selling experiences to accelerate our partner’s ability to create the best customer experience possible.

In the coming months, partners will see advances in many other super programs contributing to partner success. Look to the Blackbelt Academy to release new content for distribution and business architects. You will have better visibility and metrics in Partner Enablement Operations with Flight Control, which will be added to PXP.

Overall, I am excited about the future and the commitment we have made to make partners stronger and align to their abilities to capture customer opportunities.

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Jose van Dijk

VP, EMEA Partner Sales & Routes to Market

Global Partner and Routes to Market Sales