As we’re all returning to our anywhere offices from Partner Summit 2022, it would be remiss of me not to nod back to all the great announcements and launches that were mentioned at the event. It was great to see many of you again, in-person and share such a wonderfully informative experience. Here’s a look back on a quick interview I did on-site.

As a Cisco partner, you can deliver much-needed security expertise, consulting, and managed services, which helps close deals with the important services wrapped around. Cisco’s continued innovations in Secure Connectivity, Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Zero Trust, and Firewall help Cisco partners position and win effectively with our platform solution.

Take a look back at the Sessions hosted at Partner Summit and see how Cisco’s security portfolio can best help you secure your customers’ enterprises.

  • Global Insight Session: Right here. Right now. Let’s own it! – Session ID: GIS01
  • Leadership Insight session: Security and Power Hybrid Work – Session ID: LIS02
  • Business Impact Session: Winning with Cisco Security – Session ID: BIS09
  • Business Impact Session (Digital) Accelerate Secure Connectivity

The Key to Profitability

Security Deal Registration is the best way for you to maximize your profitability.  ​

We have simplified the deal registration process making it easier for you to receive additional up-front discounts and take advantage of even higher discounts when selling to net new customers or our Competitive Replacement and Migration Incentive Program for refreshing legacy customers or better yet displacing the competition.​​

Built for Velocity

We know you need to be able to sell products at the right price to increase velocity and scale. ​By now you should be aware of our Fast Track Regional Discounting which gives you regionalized pricing around the globe. Recently, we have added the security SaaS portfolio to this program. Remember you’ll get your highest level of discount and discount differential protection with Security Deal Registration.

Get One Year on Us

The “One Year on Us” is a popular program which provides customers with one year free with a three-year subscription for Secure Access by Duo.  Thanks to your feedback, we’ve expanded this offer to include all Security SaaS and recurring software. If your customers are looking to adopt a Zero Trust strategy, Duo is a perfect entry point, and this offer makes it’s even more appealing to your customers. You can still maximize your profitability on the via deal registration with this offer.

The Value of Incentives

Incentives are an important piece of the security business, and we at Cisco have your back. We have bundled all our security promotions and offers in one location for you to make it easier to sell firewall, along with additional security products in the portfolio to your customers. Click to learn more about each promotion or bundle. We continue to invest in our partners programs, offers, and expanding our routes to market so that our partners can be more profitable with Cisco Secure.

Firewall Refresh

With our return to the workplace, organizations are finding an outdated and unsupported network infrastructure. Your customers are also returning to a reality, where the only thing more distributed than the data and applications that power organizational outcomes, are the users trying to access them.

The firewall has always been a critical part of protecting the integrity of the business from the unpredictable, so we are pleased to announce that Secure Firewall 3105 joins the 3100 Series family, making hybrid work efficient for more environments. Cisco’s Secure Firewall 3105 can protect users and networks without sacrificing speed, performance or convivence.

Trusted Access Report

The 2022 Duo Trusted Access Report is here! The report details the security state of thousands of the world’s largest and fastest-growing organizations. This year’s report examined 13 billion authentications across 50 million devices in our customer base, and what we’ve seen tells us that passwordless is not only changing the landscape but is also here to stay. Duo authentications increased by 41% and 99% of all authentications used Duo Push as their primary method. Furthermore, the use of biometrics remained at a steady 81%.

Click here to access the 2022 report!


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Shawn Yuskaitis

Director, Global Security Go-to-Market Strategy & Sales Acceleration

Global Partner & Routes to Market Sales