While Cisco Partner Summit 2022 has come to a close, the opportunity to partner is just beginning. During the event John Moses, Emma Carpenter, and others took the stage and gave you a glimpse of how we will do business together in the future. Hybrid Work and Security were the two themes that underlined every facet of the event. With a focus on your profitability, the Americas Partner Organization launched two new offers to help partners accelerate their Hybrid Work and Security Sales. These offers are available now for all Americas partners and we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Quadruple Your Earnings with Security SaaS

As your customers seek to thrive in a world of unpredictable change, we are at the forefront of helping you provide them with security resilience. With a truly integrated portfolio that extends protection across users, endpoints, applications, and networks, there is no better time to partner with Cisco on security. The Security SaaS market is growing yearly at 8% and we are committed to helping you grow your security business and capitalize on one of the most profitable architectures. Additionally, Security is not only a foundational element of most customer solutions, but it is also a competitive differentiator for how we can help you deliver new experiences to your customers. When you double up on selling more than one Security SaaS solution, we are quadrupling your rewards. Partner Sellers can earn up to $3,000 through seller rewards when selling Duo, Endpoint, Email, Network & Cloud Analytics and Workload SaaS. We are doubling the payout for the existing “Double Up with Security $aa$” offer to quadruple your earnings.

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Services Dollars for Hybrid Work

Hybrid work requires a strategic approach and the right technologies to keep people connected, productive, and secure. The transition to the new normal has passed. Organizations are expected to be at full operational mode, delivering on customer expectations, today.

And to make Hybrid Work, work, we must ensure that collaboration, security, and other technologies all come together as a solid, holistic solution. We are committed to making heading to the office worth the commute for your customers and giving an excellent experience to those who choose to be remote.Getting this right is so important that we are investing upfront to support your Hybrid Work deployments. Partners who complete customer environment assessments and close a Hybrid Work deal will receive $5,000 towards solution deployment or services.

By assessing customer environments and investing in these deployments we can increase deal size, reduce the time it takes to deploy, and also create customer loyalty.

By leveraging these offers we know that together we can reimagine, redesign, and secure workforces and workspaces to ensure customers can work and collaborate with confidence anywhere they choose to work, creating an inclusive experience for all.


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Seth Greenlaw

Senior Engineering Manager

Cisco Americas Partner Organization.