I recently sat down with David Durham from our Global Partner Marketing team for a quick chat about how far we’ve come since I first started talking about our Perform and Transform strategy. It’s been great to hear how much this resonates with our partners who see the need to hit their daily business goals while also delivering the future capabilities that our customers need. But it’s also important that we – Cisco – help our partners with this. Check out this video, where I share what we’ve done.

You can watch the video from start to finish—but if you’re pressed for time (believe me, I get it), you can jump to some of the highlights, listed below.

Our Tools – 1:31: Hear about how we’ve been working hard at Cisco to improve our tools for performing and transforming—especially in areas like customer experience and lifecycle. I’m pleased with the way we’ve delivered, but you can never be fully satisfied. I want to raise the bar higher.

Transform – 3:10: Discover what we’ve been doing on the transform side at Cisco. We’ve changed the setup of our partner organization and have a dedicated team just for partner performance. That team has one goal only: to ensure you have predictable profits.

Cisco Partner Ecosystem – 4:51: Find out whatmakes the Cisco partner ecosystem differentiated and unique. Our secret sauce is that we continue to invest in our current partners while adding new ones to the mix. In it for the long haul, we never give up on our partners.

Opportunities – 5:54: Discover the biggest short-term and long-term opportunities for Cisco partners. Spoiler alert: It starts with security, which is incredibly important today, and leads into building your own applications to deliver your unique offering to customers.

Achievements – 7:39: Here’s where you’ll find my passion, what I’m most proud of since taking over the Global Partner Organization. The answer to that question has everything to do with you, our Cisco partners.

I hope you’ll find the time to sit down with a cup of coffee, press play, and enjoy the conversation. Thank you for listening. More importantly, thank you for your continuing feedback and for everything you do to perform and transform with Cisco.

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Oliver Tuszik


Cisco EMEA