I’m pleased to share some updates on our Cloud & Managed Services Program. First, we’re happy to say that in 2017 we’ve been listed in CRN’s Partner Program Guide for Network Connectivity and received CRN’s 5-star ranking. And we’ve kicked off a new chapter for the program—with more ways for providers who offer cloud and managed services to earn Market Development Funds. Here’s what’s new.

We made it in CRN’s 2017 Partner Program Guide

For the fourth year in a row, our Cloud & Managed Services Program made it in CRN’s Partner Program Guide for Network Connectivity. And as we shared earlier this year, it even got the coveted 5-star ranking.  CRN’s 2017 Network Connectivity Services Partner Program Guide gives you a detailed, unbiased look at the industry’s leading portfolios of telecom, cloud and connectivity offering.  It’s a great resource to help you choose a strong IT vendor who can help you navigate the convergence of IT and telecom.  We’re honored to be listed, and we think it speaks to how hard partners like you work to make the program a success.

We’re updating the program to help you do more

We’re focusing to help our service providers leverage software as a service and cloud managed offers. Which means your customers can get the solutions they need, right when they need them. They can roll them out anywhere. Subscribe to them. Or pay as they go.  With these changes, you can offer solutions much faster—and grow your recurring revenue business.

Deliver new Cisco Powered services

We’re also re-invigorating our Cisco Powered services to help you deliver more cloud and managed services—at the speed your customers need. With our hybrid delivery models, you have the flexibility to roll out your services wherever your customers want. Whether that’s to a public, private, or hybrid cloud. This helps you stay a step ahead of your competitors.

You can now offer these newly launched Cisco Powered services based on our published requirements to:

  • Get people talking and sharing with Cisco Powered Cisco Spark SP. It lets you offer compelling video and meeting experiences on any device.
  • Make networks work better with Cisco Powered Cloud Managed SD-WAN. As the newest member of our Cloud Managed DNA services, it lets your customers add new devices to their network in minutes, not months. And use their bandwidth better. All without sacrificing security or privacy.
  • Help your customers protect their business with our renamed Cisco Powered Cloud Managed Security You can offer your customers as-a-service options across our security portfolio. Including Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection. And you now have the flexibility to use either virtual or physical appliances.

Earn Rewards In More Ways

It pays to partner with us to grow your cloud and managed business. Across the board, we’ve simplified our financial incentives to help you embrace this new era of software subscription and cloud orchestration.

New name. New focus. We’ve renamed our Cloud MDF to MDF for providers. Now both cloud and managed service providers can earn Market Development Funds.  Market your Cisco Powered services effectively by using MDF to build brand awareness and trust with new and existing customers. Generate demand, run marketing campaigns, engage with customers, and more.

Get MDF dollars sooner.  You can now get your MDF earlier in the year.  This gives you extra time to plan how you’re going to use your funds through the year. Start delivering you Cisco Powered Services to you customers and grow your earning power.

The Power of Cisco Powered

With the Cisco Powered brand next to yours, customers can see at a glance that you’re powered by the gold standard in security, performance, and agility. Which means they can be confident they’re choosing a provider they can trust.

This is only the beginning. We’re always looking for new ways to help you help your customers. Top of mind for us are other ways for this program to better serve our service providers.  In the meantime, we look forward to working together as we roll out this year’s updates.  A huge thank you to everyone who’s part of this program and has helped grow it into what it is today. We couldn’t do it without you.

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Grace Lo

Director, Global Partner Programs

Global Partner Organization