As we head into Partner Summit 2021, I wanted to cover some of the highlights for the New Product Introductions (NPI) released in our first quarter of fiscal 2022, which you can watch below or read here.

Full Stack Observability

Starting with Solution offers, let’s look at Full Stack Observability, which has a huge addressable market opportunity of over $26B by 2025. But beyond the numbers, the FSO opportunity is very strategic: Cisco’s FSO Visibility, Insights and Actions are BUSINESS actionable beyond the IT performance. This makes you more relevant to your customers, as you help them prioritize issues within the business context.

As an end-to-end solution, including AppD, ThousandEyes, and Intersight – Cisco’s FSO use cases create natural cross-sell and upsell opportunities, taking advantage of your lifecycle and customer success motions.


Next, we look at the Access domain, starting with Intel’s Connectivity Analytics. With the integration of Intel Connectivity Analytics, this industry-first laptop visibility feeds key data into Cisco’s Catalyst and Meraki platforms.

This integration delivers the only client-side wireless solution with agentless analytics to support troubleshooting; whether driver, hardware, roaming, or the identification of coverage holes. With up to 90% of enterprise laptops utilizing Intel Wi-Fi chipsets, this Cisco-only innovation is a highly relevant differentiator to introduce to your customers.

Also in the Access domain, is the latest evolution of Cisco’s DNA Center, release 2.2.3. With Wi-Fi 3D Heatmaps, PoE analytics and a new policy analytics dashboard with spoofing detection & more granular zero-trust network capabilities, this upgrade addresses Hybrid Work by optimizing wireless networks for new office layouts, deploying Smart Buildings, and securing IoT endpoints.


In the WAN domain, Cisco’s SD-WAN solution has many updates, but one in particular that stands out to me is the new Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect with Equinix. In today’s environment, enterprises face challenges securely connecting to their cloud deployments. If you follow the path of the Internet, then you’ll have best-effort connectivity and inconsistent network quality. While if you follow the path of hardened direct interconnects to each cloud, then that requires a global footprint with significant capacity planning and cost under / over runs.

Instead, the Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Interconnect with Equinix gives customers another option. It leverages Equinix’s extensive fabric to quickly and seamlessly connect to IaaS and SaaS providers with private, high-bandwidth links, and automating on-demand connectivity.

Cloud Networking

In the Cloud Networking domain, customers are looking for more visibility across their infrastructure, and simplified dashboards to understand their operations. And that is exactly what Cisco is delivering with the newly updated Nexus Dashboard.

We’ve made enhancements such as:

  • Nexus Dashboard One View, providing a single, cohesive view of all the sites being managed
  • Nexus Dashboard Insights, automating troubleshooting and providing rapid root-cause analysis
  • Nexus Dashboard Data Broker, integrating with Cisco DNA Center
  • Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller, which is an upgraded and rebranded version of DCNM
  • And lastly, various other 3rd party integrations such as ServiceNow and Splunk, for comprehensive visibility and incident management

The Nexus Dashboard truly delivers a centralized automation platform and operational simplicity for all hybrid cloud networks, plus Nexus Dashboard 2.1 is also now available on AWS and Azure marketplaces—bringing innovation to where customers want to consume it.


Specific to the Compute stack, we’re building on the momentum of the once-in-a-decade innovation behind the Cisco UCS X-Series, and have released Cisco HyperFlex 5.0. HX 5.0 simplifies operations enabling IT generalists to easily manage resources across distributed environments. It incorporates a full stack of integrated services which allows extended teams – including Application Managers, DevOps resources, and business representatives–to work more seamlessly together.

And More at Partner Summit 2021

There are also many other technical and GTM updates that I haven’t mentioned here across Meraki, Security, and the IoT portfolio. We’ll be covering these items and much more at Partner Summit 2021 beginning Tuesday, November 9th. For more information on the specific topics mentioned above, be sure to check out the following on-demand Business Impact Sesions, available via the Partner Summit SalesConnect Hub.

BIS01: Monetize the limitless opportunities of the hybrid cloud world

BIS10: Ignite the fire of your business success with Cisco SD-WAN

BIS11: Building a Cisco Full Stack Observability practice

BIS12: Enable the possible with Catalyst Enterprise Full Stack

BIS13: The IoT opportunity is huge, it’s growing, and it’s right now!

BIS20: Ready to sell: Zero-trust architecture for the workforce, workplace, and workload

BIS21: Powering hybrid work with Cisco Security!

BIS25: No cloud without networking

I hope you and your customers enjoy all these new product innovations and good selling!

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Jason W. Gallo

VP of Partner Go-to-Market Acceleration

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