Before I started in my new role as leader of Central Partner Operations and Global Partner Readiness, I carefully meditated on what key factors should be part of my team’s strategy, as it is crucial to continue providing our partners and distributors with the guidance needed, so they can achieve the right level of operational maturity and operational business transformation.

One concept that came to my mind immediately was that digital is foundational. Why? Well, it’s easy: it has to do with leveraging digital assets, which are available to our partners at all times. For example, we have:

Another cardinal aspect that we incorporate is to augment automation with data insights and listening mechanisms. The overall strategy is taking notice to inform-educate-engage. We thus reimagine our partnership with our partners and distributors, tailoring our interactions to what is learnt through data insights together with our operational engagements from our teams in each region. We know them, they know us!

How do we do this?

First of all, it’s fundamental for us to understand who our stakeholders are. Are they procurement managers, IT managers, licensing or renewals personnel or administrators? What are their needs? What type of challenges do they face while using our platforms and our Cisco processes and tools? What kinds of content do they need from us? Answering these questions, in a sense, allows us to walk in their shoes. In doing so, we gain powerful insights that can be converted into effective action plans that provide the level of service our partners and distributors deserve.

Additionally, this clarifies the importance of the human component. Let’s not forget that we are social beings and even when the digital era is moving at breakneck speed, the concept that humans need humans remains untouchable for my team.

Moreover, we ensure not only to bring transparent and consistent content, but also that we communicate and engage with our partners and distributors regularly through a variety of digital channels, where they can find what they need to perform and transform their recurring revenue journeys.

Also, data analysis of our digital assets comes into play an important role. We want to measure and understand our content’s performance. This enables us to make more accurate and effective decisions to satisfy our partners and distributors’ needs, so we can help them reach their operational readiness. Furthermore, this uncovers trends that allow us to anticipate and shape the future.

All the previous concepts are reflected in the Cisco Partners social media platforms in which we participate: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In these, we share operational news and training content that is linked to the Partner Operational Readiness Hub, which was launched to have all our official resources stored in one place.

Lastly, it must not go without mention that our hub allows us to stay connected to our stakeholders 24/7, as data can be accessed and shared without any risk of loss.

How can we help you scale your business? Share your voice; we will listen. Let’s keep engaging and connecting to cement this valuable relationship that we share with you: partners and distributors.



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Nuno Varandas

Senior Director, Client Experience Services

Central Operations