Building on my recent blog around Accelerate and Differentiate with Hybrid Cloud, I wanted to take one step further in giving you my perspective on why Cisco is your best partner to deliver premium experiences for your customer engagements.

As a result of the global pandemic, the acceleration and reliance on digital experiences have been swift. Digital is now defined as a way of working, making decisions, and managing the company. For example, e-commerce is open 24 hours a day, but traditional outlets are not. So you have two different operating models and customer engagement motions that need to evolve and transform.

Stated further, even digitally resistant businesses have come to realize the customers they serve are already extremely digital-ready. They’re already well versed in sourcing much of their information across product reviews, price comparisons, product quality, etc., thru mobile apps or web mediums. Some businesses have launched AR-based solutions to show customers what’s possible before they even get it in their hands. All of this ties back to the need for a solid digital foundation to launch innovation from, and that’s where Cisco’s Hybrid Cloud solutions shine.

As we shift to looking at the IT ecosystem, we know there’s a tremendous amount of complexity, matrixed organizational teams, and applications/workloads dispersed across a true hybrid spectrum. The need for simplified management of this environment has never been greater than now. That’s where Cisco Intersight comes in and the foundation for what we call the Cloud Operating Model. For us, Cloud is not a destination but an operating model for IT services. We set out to build and deliver a cloud-SaaS platform with Automation, Observability, and Cloud native capabilities built right in. Let me break down each of these critical pillars:

Automation: Not only is it table-stakes, but we’ve also made automation point-click easy with Cisco Intersight, including a new capability with Cloud Orchestrator (ICO), and scalable across clouds leveraging IaC with our newly announced HashiCorp partnership.

Observability: Critical in driving Visibility of the operating environment, gaining business-relevant Insights and taking measured Action. We deliver this experience in true hybrid cloud fashion thru our Observability suite, anchored by Intersight.

Cloud-Native: Ability to deliver container cluster management with Intersight Kubernetes Service, service mesh management for seamless deployment across complex topologies, and a next-generation private cloud architecture for cloud-native workloads with Intersight Workload Engine.

As you can see, we’re delivering on a new operating model for hybrid cloud which delivers simplicity, extensibility, and a new level of richness for Partners.



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Brian Shoda

Senior Director, Data Center & Cloud

Global Partner Organization (GPO)