Coming off an amazing Cisco Future Cloud launch, we have now redefined and elevated the scope of opportunity for our Partners.

Now what has changed? Well, the last 18 months have made a few things crystal clear…

  1. Work is no longer a place you go to but something you can do from anywhere
  2. Some may never return to the office and be permanently remote
  3. Having a digital business presence has clearly shifted from important to “table stakes”

Building off the digital theme, the application experience ultimately becomes the digital currency for a business to be successful in this new normal. Yet, underpinning this movement has been an increase in interdependencies, applications that are spread across multiple clouds, and the need for precise visibility, insights, and automation.

I’m proud to say that the new hybrid cloud innovations we just announced, anchored by Intersight, really demonstrate our commitment to drive the world’s simplest hybrid cloud operating experience. One that helps simplify these complex interdependencies thru rich full stack observability from the applications down thru public and private infrastructure. We’re doing this through Intersight’s cloud-native, SaaS based architecture, giving us the foundation to innovate at an unprecedented pace.  In addition, we not only introduced the all new UCS X-Series, computing for the next decade and powered by Cisco Intersight, but also a new suite of rich software designed to help manage and scale across both hybrid and cloud native environments. And it doesn’t stop there, as we also recently announced a new partnership with HashiCorp to integrate their SaaS-delivered Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) automation capability into the Intersight ecosystem. The combination of Cisco’s organic innovation, coupled with best-in-class industry partnerships, are what define the industry’s most robust Cloud Operating Experience.

Now in the spirit of delivering an always-on experience through digital means, I’d love for you to check out some great material we have curated just for you, to help accelerate and differentiate Partner solution offers in the market. These include brand new Cloud learning maps in Black Belt, a new Intersight practice builder, and unique profitability levers that are truly game changing.

Lastly, we know no two networks are alike and certainly the same for customer cloud journeys. Because of this, there are unique services opportunities for our Partners to design, build, and integrate best in class Cisco Cloud solution components into these customer environments. The opportunities ahead are really special and exciting.

Please check out the following links below for more detail:

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