The past months have undoubtedly been significant in the transformation of our communities. Our partners’ and customers’ landscapes have shifted; Cisco’s landscape has shifted. We’ve seen incredible accomplishments made, strides that wouldn’t have been possible without the coming-together of hyper-focused people united by a common goal: perseverance.

Together, we have also seen pivotal events transpire across the U.S.; significant reminders of the opportunities we still have to establish equality for all. As we recognize and acknowledge this, Cisco is committed to leading through showing up, having the hard conversations, and taking action. As a leader in this industry, we are responsible for educating ourselves, providing appropriate resources, and committing to the reimagination of a future where everyone is equal.

When it comes to equality, we are all in. Our purpose is to power an inclusive future for all.

Thinking back to Partner Xperience in San Diego last year, no one could have ever imagined or predicted that the way we approach work, play, and our day-to-day lives would be challenged and reshaped so significantly in the span of just 12 months.

This year marks our 31st annual Cisco Live. While I’m certain we all wish we could have come together in person, I am so proud of the combination of imagination, thoughtfulness, and innovative spirit our teams brought together to create an incredible digital event. As is true with many of us, we reimagined the possibilities in almost real-time.

Over the past few days, there has been an amazing amount of specific and curated content shared. We were able to witness powerful discussions bridging our technology to the commitment we have to our communities. Each attendee was able to frame and create a Cisco Live experience unique to their interests, and they were able to enjoy it all from the comfort of wherever they chose to enjoy it from. This is amazing – this is the future we didn’t know was so close, and so tangible!

If you attended the partner session, Cisco and Partners: Innovation for a New World, you heard from David Hokerson, Director of Engineering for the Americas Partner Organization (APO) and Kevin Greene, APO’s Senior Director of Architectures, on how we’re reimagining the technology to make essential business, secure remote work, telehealth solutions, and distance learning more innovative. They discussed the possibilities we’re exploring that will make this new normal more… normal. You also heard from Tom Wells, APO’s Cisco Capital Leader, who said it plainly, “There has never been a greater need for payment solutions.”, which is why Cisco Capital has created great strategies to help our partners and customers every step of the way.

I hope everyone found this year’s Cisco Live to be as enlightening, inspiring, and powerful as I did. As Oliver said in our partner session, “The world is changing, but our partner strategy is not.” The platform may have been a little different this year, but the sentiment is the same as it has always been for Cisco and our partners.

We will continue to grow, change, learn, and reshape an inclusive future together.

Because together, we make possible!


John Moses

Vice President, Americas Partner Organization

Global Partner Organization